What to eat in Sihanoukville

Sihanoulville is famous for its special taste and affordable price of seafood thanks to its location along the Gulf of Thailand. Visitors can choose from eating along the beach or in upscale restaurants that offer the fabulous views all around the city. Angelo’s restaurant and bar offers great night BBQ along the beach with high quality Asian dishes and Greek specialties.

Oceania Restaurant is an upscale restaurant that offers great Japan and Russian cuisines, which is a suitable for visitors fond of indoor restaurants with great view around. Another plus for the restaurant is its 300-inch movie screen and a pool table for entertainment after the meal.

Monkey Republic Bar

Monkey Republic Bar offers a diverse menu– everything from Western home comfort food to Asian favourites at affordable prices and in large portions.

  • Place to eat: On the “Hill” behind Serendipity Beach

Oceania Restaurant

Oceania restaurant is the in-house restaurant that serves a variety of European meals and snacks.

  • Place to eat: 3 Soviet St, near Victory and Hawaii Beaches, and behind the Snake House

Starfish Bakery & Café

Starfish Bakery & Café provides a relaxing, attractive environment where people can come to enjoy fresh, delicious food with home-baked bread, and good coffee

  • Place to eat: Behind Samudera Supermarket, Downtown

Treasure Island Seafood

Treasure Island Seafood offers lunch and dinner. Selecting your fish, crabs, shrimps or prawns from the big water tanks in the restaurant would be a worthwhile experience here. The restaurant also serves Hongkong style cuisine.

  • Place to eat: Next to Hawaii Beach

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