What to buy in Yangon

Even though Myanmar is not a place full of world-class shopping destinations, there are still many interesting shopping chances for tourists. Myanmar is most well-known for its precious gem production such as rubies, sapphires and jade, and Nandawun Myanmar Gems & Handicrafts Centre is one of visitor’s most favorites. The center is not only famous for its precious gems products but for its meticulously-made handicrafts as well. Also, you can always negotiate to have the best deal.

Bogyoke Aung San Market is the most popular market of Yangon, which was inaugurated in 1926 with special style of colonial architecture and inner cobblestone streets. Here you can find a large number of souvenirs and handicrafts and enjoy the busy life of Burmese people throughout the day.

What to buy in Yangon as souvenirs?

In Yangon, there are several unique souvenirs you can buy to cherish your memories. Here are some popular ones:

1. Traditional Handicrafts: Look for beautiful handcrafted items like lacquerware, puppets, wooden carvings, or embroidered textiles showcasing Myanmar’s rich cultural heritage.

2. Gems and Jewelry: Myanmar is known for its vast reserves of precious gemstones like rubies, jade, and sapphires. Visit reputable stores to find quality jewelry or loose gemstones.

3. Longyi: Traditional Burmese attire for both men and women. These vibrant, colorful, and comfortable garments make for excellent souvenirs.

4. Thanaka: A natural beauty product made from ground tree bark, Thanaka is used by locals as a cooling and protective skincare product. You can find Thanaka paste, powders, or even carved Thanaka logs.

5. Paintings and Artwork: Explore galleries and local markets for original paintings, photographs, or prints showcasing Myanmar’s natural beauty, local life, and cultural scenes.

6. Shan Paper Products: Traditional Shan paper made from mulberry bark is used for writing, creating lanterns, or making unique artwork. Look for notebooks, cards, or decorative items made from this exquisite paper.

7. Traditional Musical Instruments: Purchase small musical instruments like bamboo flutes, drums, or stringed instruments like saung (harp) or patala (xylophone) to bring the sounds of Myanmar home.

Remember to buy from reputable sellers and be aware of any customs restrictions or regulations regarding the export of certain items.

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