6 most attracted bars in Hanoi

Tadioto, The Doors or +84 are great places for foreigners to come to exchange about art, listen to music and enjoy drinks when they are in Hanoi.


From abstract paintings, artistic decorations, cloth lanterns to steel bars, everything in Tadioto shows the sophistication of the owner, writer Nguyen Qui Duc.

Mr. Duc painted, designed, edited and did more than that when Tadioto was born 10 years ago to make Tadioto become a place for his old and new friends gathering together. That’s why Tadioto attracts artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, architects, and diplomats.

Very few places in Hanoi have a diverse playlist as here. From Anouar Brahem to Ibrahim Maalouf, Alt-J to Le Cat Trong Ly, gentle music and moderate volume can create the right place for people to talk.

Tadioto sometimes holds poetry readings, live music, and art exhibitions. On the weekdays, you can stay until midnight and stay longer until 2 am on weekends.

Address: 24 Tong Tien Street, Hanoi

Ke Quan

Ke Quan in Hanoi
Ke Quan in Hanoi

Ms. Te is the familiar way to call the owner of Ke Quan. The specialty in this typical bar is a combination of local fruits and herbs.

Ke Quan has an impressive menu for drinks with over 20 kinds of fruit wines; from mulberry, mandarin, plum, mango, oranges, peaches, beeswax to exotic kinds like Buddha’s hand or cat apple.

Raw materials are collected from many owners, mainly in the North and processed for storage in a bottle for a long time. Ke Quan also serves Vietnamese dishes on the terrace where guests enjoy the food and contemplate the beautiful view of West Lake. Ke Quan opens from 8 am to 23h daily.

Address: 81B Xuan Dieu Street, Tay Ho District, Hanoi


Mojito Bar in Hanoi
Mojito Bar in Hanoi

In the evening, people can accidentally go through Mojito without notice. Mojito located in an old French house being renovated, decorated several times and still a bit old.

The customers mainly are foreigners working in Hanoi. They come on the weekends to look for the special cocktail of the capital. There are many drinks with strange names such as Phở, Sài Gòn, Xôi, Irish in Hanoi …

These cocktail cups were created by a talented barista (a.k.a the manager) Phan Tien Tiep. He won the Diago Reserve World Class in 2012 with his Phở cocktail.

Serving live music and DJ every weekend night from 21h makes Mojito often be crowed. If you want to have a nice seat you should go early. Mojito opens daily, from 16h to midnight.

Address: 19 Nguyen Quang Bich Street, Hanoi


Bar +84 in Hanoi
Bar +84 in Hanoi

+84 comes from the romantic idea of ​​the gathering of drinkers. The owner of the restaurant said that this place offers enough private space for guests so people are quite comfortable and come back often.

Quan 2 storey, the upper floor almost separated from the rest. Inside the restaurant is a vintage style furniture, inspired by the work of Godfather, a charming balcony that you can enjoy sitting down to watch the pace of the street slowly below, the armchair long leather seats. Tí, cat of the shop.

The drinks menu of the bar also has its own characteristics, some imported from Sicily, Italy. Quan quan often have live music from 9 pm, if lucky, you also hear the singer singing the famous music of Trinh Cong Son. The restaurant is open from 9 am to 00:30 am daily, only the sixth is open at 7 pm.

Address: 23 Ngo Van So Street, Hanoi

Polite Pub

Polite Pub in Hanoi
Polite Pub in Hanoi

This is a familiar bar of foreigners in Hanoi. When entering the restaurant, you will hear the conversations from Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese and French at the same time.

The design of the bar is based on the American style of the 1920s, which is a mix of interior, black and white decorations of films, frames of jazz music.

The Pub was originally a family-run business, opened in 1995, and is considered one of the oldest bars in Hanoi. However, the image of the restaurant is always changing and keep up with the needs of guests. A year ago, the restaurant was renovated with many innovations.

The restaurant’s menu was last changed a month ago, with interesting drinks names from famous ancient trade routes such as Silk Road, Incense Route, Incense Route or Road. Tea and horse.

The cocktail list is also exchanged every six months for more than 100 types. In addition, the restaurant regularly welcomes guests are bartender Vietnam and foreign. Open from 4 pm to midnight every day.

Address: 5B Bao Khanh Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi

The Doors

The Doors Bar in Hanoi
The Doors Bar in Hanoi

Consumers often welcome a variety of guests from young to old, students, staff … to foreign visitors or retired musicians and singers.

The idea of ​​the innkeeper is to create a nightly meeting point for those who enjoy playing and enjoying rock music, western music. Drinks in the bar are affordable, but maybe because of the interesting space that sometimes guests do not pay too much attention.

Mr. Quang said, “This is the place where people listen to rock music.” He shared a time playing chess on the sidewalk and met a Korean man who entered the restaurant, looked around and found embarrassed because he could not communicate. “We can not talk because he does not speak both Vietnamese and English.” But as the music emerged as a bridge, the two did not need a common language to speak. That song was Yesterday of the Beatles.

Daily The Doors open from 8 am to midnight.

Address: 11 Hang Chinh Street, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

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