A greeny day on Vietnam Mekong river

A greeny day on Vietnam Mekong river

In the trip to Vietnam last month, my friends and I decided to take a tour on Mekong River, which was one of the best decisions we had made in the trip. I later did some research and found out that the river originates from China, flows through Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Moreover, tours on Mekong river’s part which flows through Vietnam and Cambodia rank fourth in top 5 best Asia river tours by Telegraph (in 2015) and this shows how lucky we were to have a chance to take this tour.

From Ho Chi Minh, we went to My Tho to start our journey on Mekong river. There appeared in front of our eyes the green fields and glittering white sand dunes. Furthermore, houses along the river and children were happily swimming made us so excited!

Children with a basket full of Mekong fresh fish
Children with a basket full of Mekong fresh fish

In the journey, we also visited picturesque orchards and sample the freshly picked fruit at the invitation of friendly local farmers and tasted a charming cup of unsophisticated honey tea in a bee farm. Moreover, we hit a coconut candy factory and could learn more about the traditional lifestyles, culture and customs of people who call the Delta their home.

Sailing through green water coconut forest
Sailing through green water coconut forest. Source: vietnamtourism.gov.vn

We boated under the shadow of the water coconut trees and return to our big boat. That was our first time to take a boat and fully enjoy such a greeny environment.

A pure smile from a local child
A pure smile from a local child. Source: hoangnhiemphoto.com

People were very friendly, everytime we went on the winding canals gliding through the cluttered coconut tree, we received loads of waving hands and greetings from local people and children on the shore of the River.

Float in Mekong Delta Vietnam
Float in Mekong Delta

It proves to be a fascinating and rewarding experience that we had a great opportunity to visit two largest floating markets in Mekong such as Cai Be floating market and Cai Rang floating market. These are places where local exchange many kinds of product, from Mekong Delta delicacies to house hold devices, even animals. The market was colorful with flowers, fruits and other stuff.

In the end of our trip, I had time relaxing on a deck, seeing a peaceful village life and idyllic river scenery and witnessed the wonderful sunset.

In a nutshell, spending time going through Mekong River gave us a good chance to understand more about the daily life and culture of local people and we could take home our own private collection of beautiful memories and photographs of our trip to Vietnam.

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