Al Noor – The only Mosque in Hanoi and Northern Vietnam

Al Noor Mosque is a nice destination for Muslims if you want to visit a place for Muslims in Vietnam to practice prayer or to meet, share and connect with others. Besides discovering a Vietnam mosque, do you want to explore more about Hanoi and other fascinating destinations and programs of the S-shaped country? Check out our Vietnam tours!

The mosque has been located on Hang Luoc Street for more than a century. In the early 19th century, Indian and Middle Eastern merchants came to Vietnam to live and trade in cloth or exchange currency. To meet religious needs, in 1885, the Indian community here began to build a mosque. Therefore, the architecture of Al-Noor has many influences on Indian culture. In 1890, the mosque was officially put into use and was named Al-Noor (Enlightenment). The main gate of the mosque was built to the west where Mecca Sanctuary is located.

The Al Noor is open to all Muslims to visit. On every ‘Sacred Friday’, the mosque becomes crowded and bustling. You can access the mosque’s website to check the updated prayer time.

From the outside, people might think the mosque is small but the space inside is quite large. Al Noor Mosque has 2 separate prayer and bathing areas for men and women. People can wear Islamic costumes or casual clothes.

Al Noor Mosque

“Al Noor Mosque, also known as the Black West Temple, was once deserted and sparse. Before 1975, the number of Muslims coming to the mosque to worship was only about 15-20 people, mainly people from the embassies of Algeria, Egypt, Indonesia, later there were more followers from ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, the Middle East and North Africa. In recent years, the mosque has become more and more crowded. On every Friday, Al Noor mosque gathers about 200 devotees. On important holidays like Eid Al Fitr, the number of worshipers can double to 400 people,” said Doan Hong Cuong, deputy head of the Al Noor Mosque Administration. Mr. Cuong was born in a Pakistani Muslim family in Hanoi. His father started overseeing this mosque in 1945.

Quran class for children
Quran class for children

Al Noor Mosque is located right in the Old Quarter of Hanoi center – the focus of tourist attractions and hotels, so if you want to visit this place from the hotel and then move to the nearby destinations, it is very convenient even while walking. Some places that can be mentioned are:

  • The Old Quarter
  • Long Bien railway station (4 mins by car)
  • Hoan Kiem Lake and the Walking Street (9 mins by car)
  • Ho Chi Minh Complex (11 mins by car)
  • Temple of Literature (10 mins by car)
  • Long Bien Bridge (23 mins by car)
Muslim visit the mosque
Muslim visit the mosque

Next to the mosque is a restaurant that serves Halal food (in accordance with Islamic law). The restaurant owner, Ms. Zeinab, has many years of experience working for the family of the Iranian ambassador in Vietnam.

The mosque also received many positive comments from visitors:

“How can a Muslim not like a Masjid? There’s bathroom and a place to make wudu” – Deniz Oguz

“Friendly patrons in the mosque. They even have tafsir classes, practiced in Arabic & English. A good meeting place for all muslims in hanoi.” – JiN bOtAk

“Only mosque in the Old Quarters Hanoi area. Did Jumaah prayers with congregation from the local and tourist community. Great to meet up with fellow Muslims here. Comfortable, carpeted and clean.” – Farhan Anas.

“Very convenient from my hostel!” – Muhammad Mahdi

“Beautiful mosque in the heart of Hanoi, there is also a great Halal restaurant right next door with big portions and reasonable prices – highly recommend both” – Tayyib Mahmood

“Smells good and feels home” – Reja Dalimunthe

“It’s very good to find Masjed in Vietnam.” – Ibrahim

“It’s great that even though the children speak different languages, they can still play together :)” – Fahima Hernita Sari

The mosque is next to road but very peaceful when you’re inside and you’ll not be disturbed. Next to mosque there are many places for foods, beverages etc. Over all the great place. Islamic lecture happen in Friday. Overall great ? place for performing Salah and Wudu. I’m so happy to find a Masjid in Hanoi.” – Amed Syed Sarfaraj

(Photo source: Al Noor Mosque)

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