Ba Na Hill

Bana Hill, Da Nang

Are you planning your trip to Da Nang? Let us be your brief travel guide on what to see on one of the best beaches of the world. Ba Na Hill is located in Hoa Vang district, Da Nang city, Vietnam the city center is about 50 km to the west. Situated at an altitude of 1.487m above sea level, Ba Na have all year-round cool climate, the average temperature in summer is about 18ºC, Ba Na – Chua Mountain is the ideal eco-tourism destination in Central of Vietnam.

Ba Na has rich and diverse fauna and flora. In the primeval forest is a home of 256 animals, including 61 mammals, 178 birds and 17 reptiles. The flora here have 543 species, Ba Na is also home of many rare animals.

In the early 20th century to serve the French needs of relax, many motels, villas, hotels were built along the mountain side, top Ba Na and top of Chua Mountain. After the devastation caused by the war, it became abandoned and forgotten over time. In recent years, Da Nang was gradually restored and built some antique French villas, the Buddhist area, wine-cellar and series of hotel.

From Vong Nguyet Hill, visitors will be transported by modern cable systems to the center area. This system has 16 cabins which can accommodate about 320 passengers / hour.

Up to a peak of Ba Na, visitors must pass 15km winding road. The terrain is flat like a small highland. Every year, Ba Na Hill welcomes thousands of tourists from Vietnam and abroad. One night stay at Ba Na is a chance for visitors to be able to listen to the breath of wildlife of Ba Na. Ba Na is a very attractive tourist destination when you have the opportunity to go to Da Nang.

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  1. I am interesting to go to Ba Ba Hill, any package to this area from HCMC or Hanoi? Please advise and thx you.

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