Shwemawdaw Pagoda Bago

Bago once called Hantharwaddy, located 80 km north of Yangon, is truly a place you should come. There is a legend telling that the position where Bago stands today was once submerged under the water. One day a little plot of land showed up over the ocean and as time has gone by, the delta expended and become Bago as we know today, while the little plot of land is now known as Hinthagon hillock.

Hantharwaddy was the old capital of Mon Kingdom called Ramanya, which was established in 573 AD by two Mon princesses from Thaton – a lower a part of Myanmar. Here are some of the most famous attraction in Bago.

The antiquated Shwemawdaw Pagoda towering 375 feet was constructed in 840 AD and one of the significant attractions in Bago. The Shwethalyaung, gigantic reclining Buddha status was built in 994 AD is Myanmar flawless work of art in stucco and symmetry.

The Kyaikpun pagoda is a remarkable landmark which was built in 1476 AD by King Dhammazedi. The most striking feature of the pagoda is four enormous Buddha statues all in back to back sitting position. Shwe Gu Gyi (the grand golden cave) Pagoda was facsimiled for Buddhagaya temple in India. Kambawzathadi Palace was built by King Bayintnaung and the current one is reconstructed with its eminence remains. Today Bago is well known for manufacturing cheroot and different types of craft work.

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