Bai Dai beach (Long beach)

Long Beach in Phu Quoc Island

The Bai Dai beach is located in the west of the island and far from Dong Duong town around 25km. This beach with its pristine beauty is the indispensable destination when you visit Phu Quoc Island. It has been got many international records such as “one of the 10 most pristine beaches in the world” by ABC News of Australia; “One of the most famous tourist islands in Vietnam” by CNN Go or ranked No. 93 among 100 best beaches on the planet by the travel professionals page of CNN.

Unlike bow-shape Khem beach in the southern, the Long beach with approximately 1500m in length is somewhat straighter, but still enjoy gentle waves as it is is surrounded by bay. Long Beach has natural golden sandy beach which is another difference with Bai Sao beach or Khem beach. From Bai Dai beach, you can see two small islands for far distance: Hon Dam and Doi Moi, where are ideal for diving to watch reef, fishing or relax and experience the feeling of Robinson in isolate island.

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