Bai Sao beach (Starfish beach)

Bai Sao beach (Starfish beach)

Bai Sao Beach is located in the north of Duong Dong centre town and it takes you around 1 hour for transportation for distance of around 25km. This is the most beautiful beach of the island as well as one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam. Bai Sao has over 7-kilometers beach length with moon-like curved shape. Sand of this beach is white and smooth like cream and many tourists take advantage to bring a little sand as memory of the tour to Phu Quoc.

According to local people, the origin of name “Bai Sao” is that long time ago, when the sunset falls and dark covers whole white sand, thousands of starfish move to fill ashore and underwater. The people so called this beach as “Bai Sao”.

Bai Sao beach is always calm, so it is safe for you to swim around the year. Swimming, sunbathing are a favorite activities of tourists in this heaven. Occasionally you can see Phu Quoc dogs playing on the beach; their skills in swimming and fishing can bring you an imagination of special fishermen.

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