Ban Hieu and Hieu Waterfall

Ban Hieu, Hieu Village in Pu Luong

Ban Hieu is a small village located in the core area of Pu Luong nature reserve. This is the main residence of the Thai people, located on the banks of the Hieu stream with more than a hundred scattered rooftops. Hieu in Thai means a precarious, protruding land that matches the topography of where Hieu village and Hieu waterfall are located.

The first impression of visitors when coming to Hieu village is the peaceful scenes, the traditional Thai stilt houses are made entirely from natural materials such as bamboo and brocade motifs to create a unique atmosphere and cozy space.

On the way to Ban Hieu, visitors will admire the green terraced fields, the murmuring water of the Hieu stream creates a poetic scene that attracts visitors. There are 5 waterfalls in the territory of Hieu village, all of which are collectively known as Hieu waterfall.

Hieu Waterfall is known as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Pu Luong by its wild scenery. The waterfall is about 800m in length, with the stream falling from the top of the mountain, splitting into 2 branches flowing in 2 different directions and merging at the end of the stream. According to the people here, this waterfall flows all year round and never runs dry, this is also a source of water for domestic use and for irrigation of the people here and the surrounding area.

Puluong_retreat_Hieu waterfall (7)
Hieu waterfall

The waterfall has no mud and no moss. Hieu waterfall originates from the majestic limestone mountains of Pu Luong – Cuc Phuong limestone habitat, which is a globally important sample of the Karst ecosystem. It is also the only lowland area remaining limestone mountain habitat forest in North Vietnam. The water of this stream has a lot of limestone materials, creating solidifications between the background and the sides of the stream, causing the trees and objects to be petrified.

At the foot of the waterfall, there is a swimming area with a water level of more than 1m, allowing visitors to freely play and swim. Around Hieu stream, there are also stilt houses and spacious huts for tourists to take a rest.

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