Ban Ho Village

Y Linh Ho Village, Sapa

Located at the end of the motor way about 25 km from Sapa town, Ban Ho Village is home to the Tay ethnic minority. The Tay people possess highly-developed rice farming techniques and live their sedentary lifestyle. Their villages are very large with hundred households. They built their houses on stilts, which form superb dwellings. It is an ideal spot for experiencing home stay. You have a chance to go swimming in hot water pool or cold water stream, do some sightseeing or learn how to make traditional handmade woven fabric and participate in community activities. Since the climate in Ban Ho is warmer than Sapa (the average temperature is between 18-250C), in the afternoon, you can enjoy yourself in the stream Lave and Da Nhay waterfall. The Muong Hoa River winds its way around the village, making this place so romantic. Locals are friendly and the atmosphere is cozy and lively.

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