Bao Ninh Peninsula

Bao Ninh Peninsula, Quang Binh

Located in Dong Hoi city, there was nobody living there until 1920 when people of nearby village come to plant coconut palms. In 1936, first residents came and settled down on Bao Ninh and formed village.

Cross over Nhat Le river, Bao Ninh is attractive by its position advantages. Sea to the east, Nhat Le river to the west and Nhat Le port to the north, Bao Ninh is special place in a central province when Foehn winds are reduced its power after blowing across the river.

Nowadays, Bao Ninh is an ideal place for visitors. There is Sun Spa resort that is highly appreciated by both domestic and foreign travelers. There are sandy dunes and sea that make the peninsula to be endless stretch. All are in harmony with natural beauty of Bao Ninh peninsula

Visiting here, you will have chance to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere that help you to release all the worries. Fresh and special seafood are recommended for visitors to taste. Besides, Bao Ninh peninsula has its own historic values. There are the vestige of Luy Thay – Master rampart, Ca Ong (Whale) temple, and the monument of Me Suot (Mother Suot).

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