Best summer Beaches in Vietnam

If you consider traveling to the beach during Summer time from May to September, then here is a list of beautiful beaches in Vietnam, along with the greatest attractions and activities to make your unforgettable tropical vacation.


A trip to the North of Vietnam is a great suggestion to cool off the summer heat, just immerse yourself in the cool water and enjoy fresh seafood. The characteristic of beaches in Northern Vietnam is that the water normally has color of emerald green or brown because it is the outlet of rivers from delta to the sea.

Beach in Coto Island

Quang Ninh is an extremely attractive destination for many domestic and outbound tourists, whose climate has its own characteristics of coastal mountainous provinces. Summer is a great time to visit the beaches in Quang Ninh. Light sunshine, clear blue sky and countless unique cultural activities such as Yen Tu festival, summer music festival, Ha Long tourism week… will surely make you fall in love.

At this time, travelers can visit poetic beaches such as Tra Co, Tuan Chau island, Co To island, Ha Long bay, sightsee at famous spiritual tourist sites such as Ba Vang Pagoda, Yen Tu Pagoda, Cua Ong Temple and taste taste delicious local specialties like: Squid sausage, Mantis shrimp noodles, Pearl bubble yyogurt of Halong,….

Cat Ba Beach

Each season, Hai Phong – the land of  Port has its own unique beauty and charm. From April to October is an extremely suitable time for relaxing, recreation and exploring attractive beaches. Around this summer time, the weather in Hai Phong is quite dry, sunny, with little rain, so it is very convenient for sightseeing and swimming.

In the summer, Hai Phong hot check-in destinations such as Do Son beach and Cat Ba island have airy and extremely poetic landscapes. This is an opportunity for visitors to have a set of super aesthetic selfies. If travelling to Hai Phong from January to May, visior will discover unique cultural activities within Hai Phong festivals such as Elephant Mountain festival, fishing festival… Do not miss the experience of praying for good luck at the beginning of the year at Du Hang Pagoda and Do Son Cave Pagoda.

One of the extremely interesting activities that many Vietn amese youngsters love recently is experiencing Hai Phong’s food tour with outstanding dishes such as Crab Red noodles, Bread sticks, Spicy fish noodles, Floating cakes, Pickle coconut with sweet porridge…

Sam Son beach

Thanh Hoa is a large province in the North Central region, not only famous for its historical sites marked by time, special festivals and many memorable delicacies but also has countless scenic spots, beautiful beaches and nature reserves. In the hot summer days, if you are looking for a place to retreat from the heat but not too crowded, Thanh Hoa is a great suggestion for you.

The coastal area of Thanh Hoa has high temperatures in summer and not too cold in winter. So if you want to travel to the beach, you should go from April to August so you can comfortably participate in swimming and exciting activities.In the summer, you can choose Thanh Hoa alluring beaches destinations such as Sam Son, Hai Tien, Hai Hoa…

Moreover, Thanh Hoa has many places to go in any season of the year such as: Pu Luong national reservee, Spring of divine fish, Swallow Bird dock, Ho Dynasty citadel,… Coming to Thanh Hoa, don’t forget to enjoy attractive Thanh Hoa specialties such as: Thanh Hoa fermented pork roll, Lam Phu Quang rice cake, Tu Tru thorn cake,…


From island beaches to meandering rivers and floating markets, exquisite UNESCO architecture to high-rise rooftop bars, Southern Vietnam has it all for every type of traveler. To the Central and Southern of Vietnam, the water gradually become clearer with white stretch sandy beach and extremely clear blue water that you can see everything under.

Non Nuoc Beach

Hue is a popular tourist destination because of its delicate beauty and calm atmosphere. Usually Hue’s beach tourism event is normally held between May and July.

The humid, steamy summer air will leave you exhausted. Come to Hue and relax on the pristine white sand, surrounded by the white waves of Thuan An beach and the clear blue water of the legendary Lang Co bay.

Exploring Tam Giang Lagoon and Lap An Lagoon from February to July is the best time to see how fishermen live on the lagoon, with fishermen gathering seafood and farming. Indulging your taste buds with a limitless taste of tasty Hue cuisine with Mussel rice, Hue beef vermicelli, Hue’s traditional cakes, Royal Hue Tea…  while watching the sunset across the lagoon is a good way to enjoy the trip too!

My Khe Beach, Da Nang

In Da Nang – the most livable city in Vietnam, each month will have its own beauty. If you can’t travel during the tourist season, it’s not a big problem. But if you want to travel to the beach, from May to August with extremely high temperatures is the best time to dive yourself in the the refreshing, azure waters of white sand beaches and golden sunlight

At this time, tourists will usually spend most of their travel time at luxury resorts or at renowned beaches like My Khe beach, Ghenh Bang beach, Son Tra peninsula… and enjoy mouthwatering seafood dishes.

Besides, visitors still have countless other choices of recreation activities. The most prominent are visiting Cham museums or having fun at VinWonders Southern Hoi An, discovering River Safari and wandering around the Han market to buy gifts for your loved ones at an affordable price.

Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa, Vietnam

Nha Trang is home to many landscapes, entertainment spots and clear blue, white sand beaches that attract domestic and international tourists. From January to September every year, Nha Trang’s weather is extremely beautiful, very suitable for participating in island tours, swimming in the beaches, and enjoying beautiful natural scenery. However, if you visit Nha Trang in the high season, the cost of the resort may increase because of the large number of tourists this season.

The beaches in Nha Trang are a symbol of purity because there are still many pristine beaches and have never been affected by humans. Therefore, your discovery of Nha Trang will definitely not be complete if you do not set foot in the following beaches: the wild Doc Let beach, Bamboo Mount island, Long beach,…

Besides swimming at famous beaches, you can also visit landmarks in the city such as Nha Trang night market, Tram Huong tower… or have fun at VinWonders Nha Trang amusement park with Zipline slides, free to wave at the water park or visit the “miniature animal world” at King’s Garden…

Ke Co Beach, Quy Nhon

Embracing the beautiful coastal city of Quy Nhon, the beach here is extremely favored by nature with its long sparkling golden sand along the coast and surrounding low mountains.

If you’re wondering when is the best time to visit Quy Nhon, the answer will definitely be the dry season from late February to early September. Although the dry season in Quy Nhon is hot and very arid, in return, it doesn’t rain, the beach is beautiful and the waves are calm. This is also the best season to visit the beaches and islands, where the water is clear to the bottom and white sand beaches extend beneath the beautiful sunlight.

In addition, the dry season is also very suitable for you to visit the sights and explore Quy Nhon city at night with many interesting activities. Besides, summer in Quy Nhon is also the time when many traditional festivals of seafarers take place: Whale festival, international traditional martial arts festival of Binh Dinh,…

Ninh Thuan is known as the land of sun and wind, yet it is still appealing to visitors from far and wide since it has unspoilt beaches and historic temples, vast white salt fields, traditional artisan villages, well-known foods, and hospitable citizens. You may visit Ninh Thuan at any time of year, but the best time is during the summer (May to September), when you can enjoy the beaches, sunshine, and superb seafood.

If you visit Ninh Thuan, spend time at beaches such as Binh Tien, Ninh Chu and Ca Na, or take a cruise on Vinh Hy bay to snorkel and swim at Fairy beach before visiting Binh Hung island to taste its famed lobster dish.

When exploring Ninh Thuan beach, you can also participate in a variety of unique activities such as picnics on the beach, fishing, swimming, windsurfing, yachting, sailing, scuba diving…

Ninh Thuan has many unique delicacies to offer, such as delicious and exotic Salamander dishes; Chicken rice in Phan Rang is also quite tasty, especially when served with laksa leaves and fish sauce combined with garlic chili or dry roasted chili salt.


  • Stay tuned and updated with the weather forecast.
  • Prepare sunscreen, wide-brimmed hat to protect skin.
  • These destinations are wonderful during this time of year, but they are all in high demand due to the flood of local and foreign family visitors. If you travel, try to avoid public holidays and weekends to prevent crowds. Actually, it is summer time so everyday could be the peak day.
  • You should book hotels, tickets, and dining tables in advance to get the best deals.

Should we visit Phu Quoc this time?

Phu Quoc United Center
(Phu Quoc United Center. Photo:

Since Vietnam reopened the border for tourism until now, Phu Quoc has been a hot destination with beautiful scenery, fresh air, pure beaches and many colorful modern entertainment paradises such as Vinpearl land, Safari, Grandworld, Sun World … However until September, Phu Quoc is now entering the rainy season. It rains more, making the sea and sky less clear in comparing to its perfect beauty time. The ocean waves also becomes more intense.

Otherwise, if you don’t mind about the rough weather, or just don’t want to travel during the peak season. Phu Quoc now is a reasonable choice.

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