Buddha Park

Buddha Park in Laos

Other interesting places worth exploring in Vientiane is Buddha Park(or also known as Xieng Khuan). Located along the river side of Mekong River, it was built in 1958 by monk Luang Pu Bunleua Sulilat who studied both Buddhism and Hinduism. This is the reason why the park is full of Buddha statues, Hindu Gods statues, demons and animals from both beliefs. Xieng Khuan is also famous for its sculpture collection of more than 200 religious statues includes a huge 40 meter-high Buddha statue. The most impressive sculpture is a giant pumpkin with three floors representing for the Hell, Earth and Heaven. The 3 meter high entrance looks like a demon’s mouth with a stone staircase inside leading to “a bird’s eyes view” on the top where tourists can take amazing pictures to keep their memories of beautiful Buddha Park in Laos.

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