Buon Don village

Don village

Nestled in a crook of the Serepok River, just across the water from the Yok Don National Park, the ‘Ede’ village of Ban Don is on display for visitors. The village is well-known by its professional of hunting and taming.

Don Village has an abundant community of different ethnic minority groups including Laos, Khmer, Ede, M’nong, J’rai and King. The name of the village “Buon Don” refers to a village on an islet. The ancient Don Village is famous for the exceptional architecture of the grave houses, the legends about the village founder – the king of elephant hunters – Khunjunob, and the anecdotes which attract both tourists and researchers.

There’s a traditional longhouse full of souvenirs to buy, and the tribespeople that work there spend the day putting on musical shows using traditional instruments for group after group of tourists. This is the place to head for elephant rides, which include fording across the Serepok River.

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