What to buy in Da Nang

Though you may see only a limited selection of items to buy in Da Nang, shopping there can be still very interesting. Try Han Market, the most crowded market near Han River. You will find farming products as well as fresh and ever dried seafood sold by local vendors. Most local people and foreigners visit Han market to buy a wide range of products, from fruits to traditional clothes at reasonable price. Not far from Han Market, Da Nang shopping mall is another interesting shopping area in Da Nang. You can shop for favorite outfits even local specialties or enjoy relaxing time in entertainment places, for instance bowling clubs and cinemas.

Besides, art crafts and ceramics are sold commonly in souvenir shops, vending streets, and even in hotels. However, Non Nuoc village located in Ngu Hanh Son Mountain is an ideal place that you can buy plentiful handicraft gifts in various shapes and full of colors. Undoubtedly, stone souvenirs made in Non Nuoc Village are part of the city‘s attraction.

In Da Nang, there are several unique souvenirs that you can consider buying:

1. Non la (Conical Hat): This traditional Vietnamese hat is an iconic symbol of Vietnamese culture and makes for a great souvenir.

2. Silk products: Da Nang is known for its silk industry, so you can find beautiful silk scarves, clothing, and accessories.

3. Marble sculptures: Da Nang is famous for its marble mountains and has a thriving marble carving industry. You can find intricate marble sculptures and handicrafts.

4. Non nuoc stone products: Non Nuoc Beach near Da Nang is renowned for its fine stone sculptures and jewelry. Stone products like necklaces, bracelets, or miniature sculptures are unique gifts.

5. Ao dai: This traditional Vietnamese dress is elegant and beautiful. You can find ready-made or custom-made ao dai to take back home.

6. Vietnamese coffee: Vietnam is known for its delicious coffee, so consider buying some locally produced coffee beans or ready-to-brew coffee packets.

7. Vietnamese ceramics: Da Nang is also famous for its ceramic products. Look for intricately designed and handcrafted ceramics like vases, bowls, or plates.

Remember to explore local markets like Han Market or Con Market in Da Nang for a wide selection of souvenirs.

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