Discovering Mekong Delta

A famous tourist destination is Ben Tre village in Mekong delta

Traveling in Mekong Delta provides you totally different experiences compared to other areas in Vietnam, and the world. Seeing people living on the river, pagodas in the jungle, massive rice fields in the countryside are even interesting to natives in other regions.

Also, it is meaningful to visit the end of the biggest river that has crossed most of countries in Indochina.

Mekong river, and the end of its journey

Cai Be Floating Market

Mekong river is the biggest river in Indochina Peninsula. Massive amounts of minerals and earth were delivered through the brown colored water, created huge fertilized delta, and it is still ongoing. Like other deltas of major rivers in the world, it has been feeding people for thousands of years, and this area takes the biggest portion of Vietnam total rice produce. Although brown colored water does not look beautiful in tourist’s perspective, it is carrying Vietnamese’s life.

Mekong river gets divided into nine branches when it reaches to the delta. Vietnamese has been calling it as nine dragons which are the most powerful, and mysterious animal in Asian culture. Furthermore, there has the widest biodiversity in Vietnam because there is still perfectly preserved nature. Sometimes, new animal species are discovered.

Floating Markets

This might be most uncommon market in the world. The market is actually on the water, and it moves if it is necessary. For the people in Mekong Delta, the river is everything in their life. They do all the business on the water, even living. Floating market in Can Tho is the best place to see the life in Mekong Delta. It is really fantastic to see people tossing goods from a boat to the others, and always they look very active. Eating local foods on a boat driven by expert driver, looking around, and interacting with natives are leading you to feel the culture.

Phong Dien Floating Market

Phong Dien floating market is where you will like to visit. This floating market is not dominated by mass tourists, so it will be the best destinations for people who want to experience the real one.

Local food restaurant, glossary stores moves with the stream, and driving. Furthermore, general goods, sewing store, and even machine repair shops are embarked. What makes this market more special compare to other floating markets are tradition, and authenticity. Boats are not motorized, so people row to transport. Morning is the busiest time as like ‘real’ local markets.

Wild Life in Mekong Delta

When you get out the crowded markets, and the city, huge marshy lands spread in your sight. Thanks to Nine Dragons river, thousands of vegetation kinds, and animals sheltered in Mekong Delta. Still there are plenty of species in the thick jungles, even unknown ones, without any disturbance from civilization. People haven’t modernized this area, but just adjusted to use the gifts from the great nature. Traveling out of beaten track in Mekong Delta is not relaxing, consuming things, but being a part of the nature.


Tram Chim National park is one of the best place to experience this eco-friendly travel. Vietnamese government invested this place in order to attract tourists, and protect the place at the same time. It has hundreds of fish, plant, animal species, but what makes it special is, this area is the most precious bird sanctuary. Almost two hundred types of birds inhabit in this area, and some of them are rare species. One of the well-known bird is Red-crown Crane that is 1.7m height, scarlet head, and wide wings. When you visit this national park, led by boat, seeing hundreds of beautiful birds flying in the jungle is just breathtaking. And then, you become a sophisticated traveler who appreciates the nature.

Tram Chim National Park

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