Discovering Vietnam’s south – The Magic of the Mekong Delta

Discovering Vietnam’s south – The Magic of the Mekong Delta

Discovering Vietnam’s south, visit Mekong Delta with a system of rivers and channels, juicy rice fields and small villages in between: The Mekong Delta has a magic of its own with beautiful nature and a laid-back lifestyle.

Relaxed vibe


While the rest of Vietnam is often hectic and crowded, the south and especially the Mekong Delta have a more relaxed vibe.

In the coconut factory…


It’s a tough and tiring job to work for one of the many coconut factories. There are no machines used, everything is made by hand. The average worker earns 5 US dollars a day.

…near Ben Tre


Every bit of the coconut fruit is used, nothing goes to waste: Shell, fiber and meat are used for different products.



Candy factories use the coconut meat and add different flavors to make coconut caramel candy for example

Bamboo mats against bed bugs


Hand-woven bamboo mats are another product of the Mekong Delta. They are put under mattresses as a protective shield against bed bugs. It takes two people to get the weaving done.

Everyday life on the water


For many people boats aren’t just an important mode of transportation, but also their homes.

Fertile region


The bright green of the rice fields stand in stark contrast with the brown-greyish water. Due to the warm weather and the water the Mekong Delta is a very fertile region.

Cai Rang Floating Market


In many places you will find floating markets in the early morning, that you shouldn‘t miss out on.

Seafood Barbecue


And another must is of course: fish. You can’t eat enough of fresh Mekong Delta fish.

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