Dragon fruit – A wonderful “fire ball”

Vietnam Dragon fruit

Dragon fruit is one of the most beautiful and unique must-try tropical fruit of Asia. Not only be regarded as one of the tastiest fruit, dragon fruit is also recognized to improve health and prevent several diseases. Read the article to discover the irresistible taste of dragon fruit and plenty of health benefits it gives.

A one-of-a-kind fruit

The dragon fruit looks so “excited” with the shell look just like a fireball or a head with horns all over. Inside, you can see its white or red pink flesh with many tiny black seeds but just eat them all because it’s really good and trust me, you won’t have time to pick out hundreds of those seed! Dragon fruits have a moderately natural sweet and refreshing taste. As its special taste is particularly perfect for hot climate, dragon fruit has been planted widely in Vietnam.

“It’s super pretty, there are little flap wings with the gorgeous color. It is really easy to cut and you can easily peel the skin right off. Really sweet, really subtle and very watering.” – Michelle Phan, a famous American YouTube beauty blogger and successful entrepreneur shared her experiences after trying dragon fruit on her trip back to Vietnam – her motherland.

Famous YouTube vlogger Michelle Phan tried dragon fruit on her way to Vietnam
Famous YouTube vlogger Michelle Phan tried dragon fruit on her way to Vietnam

Not only can it be served directly, dragon fruit can be made into various types of delicious drinks or desserts. For example, we can make dragon fruit ice cream, mix with yoghurt or other fruits and even make salad with its shell. Undoubtedly, the “fire ball” is one of people’s best choice, especially in summer.

Savory dragon fruit mixing yoghurt
Savory dragon fruit mixing yoghurt

Wonderful effects hidden inside the “Fire ball”

In addition to its amazing taste, dragon fruit is a really effective medicine. People use the fruit as treatment for cardiovascular, several kinds of cancer and a good tonic for your eyes. Here we have 10 amazing health benefits of this wonderful tropical gift (Source: livelovefruit).

Comfort your heart

The seeds inside dragon fruit contains a lot of healthy fatty acid like omega-3 and omega-6, which can help reduce triglycerides and prevent cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, dragon fruit can help decrease high levels of oxidative stress, the main cause for cardiovascular disease.

Against Cancer

Dragon fruit does not only contain many beneficial antioxidants like phyto albumins which can produce aid to prevent cancer-causing free radicals, but it also contains high levels of vitamin C, which helps to block tumour cell growth, rid of toxic heavy metals and improve the health of cancer patients.

Improve our digestion and metabolism

Eating dragon fruit means taking a wonderful tonic. The fibre contained inside a dragon fruit is very high and it can really help to improve your digestion, your metabolism and prevents constipation and diarrhea. For those who want to lose weight, dragon fruit is also a perfect choice. Dragon fruit can keep your stomach full for hours and not only keep you satisfied for longer periods of time, but it will also improve your metabolic rate, assisting with weight management.

Immune support

Mineral, Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, etc. Calcium, iron, protein, phosphorous and fibre, they all combine to make dragon fruit a perfect side companion with your immune system. Furthermore, the 80% water contain inside dragon fruit will also help flush out stagnant toxins. Amazing right?

It’s really good for your eyes

With a lot of Vitamin A contain inside, dragon fruit is also help improve our eyesight as well as to against eye aging.

Nervous system

The high vitamin B and calcium make dragon fruit become a really good nervous adjunct as it helps in the formation of nerve cells themselves and experience higher levels of mental clarity. Calcium is also important in keeping our nerves healthy and ensures the ability to communicate effectively. Last but not least, The healthy fats in dragon fruit are very crucial to help protect the myelin sheath which allows for proper conductive signalling in the brain.

Strong bones and teeth

As noted before, dragon fruit is really rich of calcium and phosphorous, so it is an essential method to strengthen your bones, teeth and aids in tissue formation and repair. Most of us haven’t know that we need both calcium and phosphorous to support any increase in bone mass and dragon fruit has it all, which makes it an amazing fruit in the prevention of brittle bones and osteoporosis.

Healthy skin

Antioxidant contained inside dragon fruit will stave off free radicals and make you not only look younger, but also help your skin tighter, more flexible and amazed you with a beautiful healthy glow, and it really rich inside most of the fruit, including dragon fruit. The high seed content in dragon fruit makes them a great source of healthy monounsaturated fats which improve the look and feel of our skin.


Eating habit and lifestyle choices can have a significant influence on your worn. By unhealthy eating habits or poor lifestyle choices like smoking, alcohol, drugs, etc. Inflammation in the body can be caused. But when we start to replace it with healthy foods like dragon fruit, we will notice that the pains that used to hurt us day to day have suddenly gone away.


Anti-aging cream, which may cost you thousands of dollars, now can be replaced by dragon fruit. With high vitamin and mineral content as well as vast arrays of antioxidants, dragon fruit is an excellent anti-ager! The antioxidants help against free radicals in the body which are responsible for not only physical ailments, but also for your skin’s aging.

Discover it yourself

In Vietnam, dragon fruit price is not high at all, around 30.000 VND or less than 2 US dollars for 1 kg. What a price for such delicious, nutritious, and healthy tropical fruit! Come to Vietnam to try some, and you will found yourself can’t resist it.

Author: Hoang Ho

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