Gianh River

Gianh River, Quang Binh

Gianh River is one of five largest rivers of Quang Binh province. The river originates from four heads: Son head, Nan head, Tro head and Nay head. With a deep river-bed and intensive current, Gianh River begins from Truong Son mountain range and creates many obstacles on its way to South China Sea (or East Sea). The river is 152 km long in total and it flows through four districts of Quang Binh. They are: Minh Hoa, Tuyen Hoa, Bo Trach, Quang Trach.

Following history’s timeline, Gianh River was also called Linh Giang. The river is the border that divided the country into two parts under two regimes of Trinh and Nguyen (1570 – 1786). During Vietnam – American War, there were severe fights between two sides on both waterway and airway. War after war, people on both sides of the river had to suffer great misery.

Nowadays, visitors come to Quang Binh not only for Phong Nha – Ke Bang but also for the beauty of Gianh River that keeps many stories itself. And of course, you will certainly want to be in harmony with beauties along the river on the dawn or the sunset.

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