Ham Ninh Fish Village

Ham Ninh Fish Village

The Ham Ninh fish village is around 15km far from Duong Dong town toward the north-east. It is a well-known destination in Phu Quoc for its magnificent natural scenery and peaceful life of locals.

Apart from the most important career which is fishing, people remain daily life by pearl cultivation and diving. Thanks for developed tourism industry recently, the village residents can sell seafood, handmade souvenir to travelers to make more money.

If you come here without trying boiled crabs, it will be your regret of the whole journey in Phu Quoc Island. The crab of this village has fresh red color and firm meat when just caught from sea. They are much more delicious when eaten with salt mixed with pepper and lemon juice.

The best time to visit to discover charm of the Ham Ninh village is in the morning or on moonlighted nights. You can see a jetty that extends hundreds of meters out to sea to allow for the shallow waters along the coast here. Spend half of hour to walk along the jetty and you can keep amazing view of Gulf of Thailand in your eyes. If you have more time, do not forget to wander at the whole village at back to see how the daily local life is.

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