Hanoi Water Bottle Refill – Refill Your Bottle

Hanoi Water Bottle Refill - Refill Your Bottle

Refill Your Bottle is a project initiated by a campaign in Bali. The core concept behind this initiative is the collective effort of members engaging in a network designed to refill water for every visitor, eliminating the need for single-use plastic bottles.

How do we make it to the Office?

Eviva Tour Team has been participating in this initiative since 2018. One of our core values at Eviva Tour Team is being responsible. Thus, the Eviva Team is delighted and open to contributing to minimizing plastic waste and sharing water resources with others.

Eviva Team welcomes you to visit our office to refill your bottle
Eviva Team welcomes you to visit our office to refill your bottle

Our office is located 1.3 kilometers away from Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. You can walk by or drop us a message on our Facebook page or Instagram, and we’ll guide you to our location and warmly welcome you to our place.

About Refill Your Bottle Project

It’s not just us, there are many other organizations joining hands in this sharing initiative. By downloading the Refill My Bottle app and opening the map, you can easily find Free Refill Stations nearby throughout Hanoi, Vietnam, and various other countries.

Join the project to reduce plastic waste and share the water
Join the project to reduce plastic waste and share the water

Refill My Bottle originated from a campaign in Bali, where a group of sustainable businesses on the island collaborated to establish a network of water refill stations, known as Refill Bali.

This initiative gradually gained acceptance within the island community and spread to neighboring islands and countries, subsequently being renamed Refill My Bottle. The Refill My Bottle movement developed a user-friendly map application with the addresses of the water refill stations.

To date, there are 4373 water refill points across many countries worldwide, saving approximately 2226 plastic bottles. The project has been deployed in 37 countries.

The project is a global movement to combat plastic waste by establishing water refill stations and promoting reusable bottles. You can contribute to this project either as a customer refilling your bottle or by registering to become an organization implementing the refill project.

How to Refill My Bottle?

As someone who comes to refill, you just need to search for refill points near your location and then go there. At the water refill facilities, there will be posters and signs with the project name Refill Your Bottle. You can also track your refill by scanning this QR code and filling out the form.

Become a Refill Station

Become a Refill Station

By following these steps, you can be assigned to become a refill station:

  • Step 1: Register to become a water refill station on the project’s homepage at the form.
  • Step 2: Set up a water refill station at your facility. The setup should include the project stickers and easy-to-understand messages.
  • Step 3: Provide refills and don’t forget to update your activities with the community.

Responsibilities of Water Refill Stations

  • Provide drinking water for free or at a low cost.
  • Have an accessible location to provide drinking water.
  • Introduce your water refill station and ensure your sticker is visible to users.
  • Staff need to always be informed when asked about the water refill station.
  • Connect and inspire. This action is not just about refilling water, but also about promoting a green lifestyle and connecting people.


Q: Is there a fee for water refills?
A: It depends on the Refill Stations. Usually, establishments like Eviva Tour Vietnam offer free refills. If there’s a fee, the cost of refilling water must be cheaper than buying bottled water from stores.

Q: Can I refill water into plastic bottles?
A: Absolutely! Any water container is accepted. Serving them is better than having to buy a new bottle of water.

Q: Is there a maximum limit for providing water?
A: No, but the water should only be provided for regularly sized bottles and personal use.

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