The Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range

Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range

The Hoang Lien Son Mountain Range is home to a wide variety of habitat types: plants, birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and insects, many only found in northwestern Vietnam. For this reason, the Hoang Lien National Park was established since 2006. It contains temperate and sub-temperate forests which cover the Hoang Lien mountain range. The lowest point is 380 m but most of the park is situated above 1,000 m. The flanks of the Hoang Lien mountain range are very steep and it is difficult to get access to most of the park by foot.

Situated between Fansipan Mountain and Sapa town, Muong Hoa valley is one of the most beautiful landmarks and the largest farmland in Sapa, where the land exploitation and rice cultivation has been maintained from generation to generation over hundreds of years. Along the path, the stunning views over steep valleys dotted with village homesteads and the immense terraced fields on the near vertical hills provide photographic opportunities.

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