Best time to visit Hue

Located in the central part of Vietnam, Hue is well-known for a treasure of traditional culture and historical heritages as well as its poetic beauty, and by “poetic”, we really mean that Hue is also famous and praised in Vietnamese poetry. All these enchanted characteristics may prompt you to ask a question, “That’s great but when to get there to get the most out of your journey to Hue?”. Well, we totally understand this is quite a common but hard question for every traveler, especially those who have never been to this beautiful city, so we are here to provide you with some helpful information you’ve been searching for.

Hue weather overview

Just like most cities situated at the center of Vietnam, Hue weather is a combination of two distinct seasons, which are dry and wet seasons.

Usually, the dry season lasts from March to August, along with hot and sunny weather. During this period, especially from July to August, the highest temperature could reach up to 38 to 40 Celsius degrees due to scorching, dry wind blowing from Laos. This is the season when tourism activities become busier than ever thanks to mostly of the pleasant weather that creates convenience for tourism activities.

The period from August to January next year is for the wet season when the weather cools down a lot with the average temperature varying from 18 to 20 Celsius degrees, sometimes going down to 10 degrees. In this harsh season, Hue suffers a lot of heavy rains, even frequent typhoons and floods occurring between October and November. Tourism and leisure activities, therefore, are limited, delayed and the services are noticeably less qualified.

Best time to visit Hue

February to March, the most recommended time for Hue.

To be honest, this could be considered as the most ideal time to visit Hue. The average temperature ranges between 20 to 24 Celsius degrees making it perfect for any outdoor activities. The amount of rainfall is at its lowest in these months, so feel free to experience the city the way you want without any worries that an unexpected rain would ruin your exciting exploration. Spring comes to Hue not only with full of vitality but also with Lunar New Year, so it’s the time to visit some spiritual destinations such as Thien Mu Pagoda, Bao Quoc Pagoda, or Thien Lam Pagoda.

April, the joyful month of festivals.

A trip to Hue in April could be a lifetime opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of the colorful Hue Festival as well as the vivid and bustling atmosphere of the art space which couldn’t be seen anywhere else. You also have a chance to observe, understand and learn more about the cultural traditions of Vietnam. Please note that the weather is still very “supportive” at this time.

May to July, time for beaches.

If Hue is the destination for your summer holiday, you make the right choice! Here comes the pure white sand, fresh waves of Thuan An beach as well as the clear blue water of the legendary Lang Co beach. The hot air, blue sea, white sand, and golden sunshine here would definitely bring you a beach trip that you will never forget. The special thing about taking a beach trip to Hue is that the beaches are not crowded and there’s always enough space for you to fully enjoy the scenery. Besides, you could also discover the life of the fishers here and try taking part in several interesting activities, such as catching fish or even grilling the fish yourself.

December to January, elegant Hue in winter.

In case your personal schedule does not allow you to enjoy this amazing city during the rest of the year, winter in Hue is a pretty good option to go for. If you are interested in the cold weather and quiet romantic rain, this is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. All of your senses would be awakened to enjoy every single second of the calm, peaceful, slow-paced lifestyle at this time in Hue. All the warm and tasty dishes like grilled corn, hot corn juice, and grilled dried squid are ready to be served.

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