Thuan An Beach, Lang Co Beach, Canh Duong Beach

Thuan An Beach, Hue

Far from Hue 15 km, only 15 minutes by car, you head to Thuan An Beach, situated near by Thuan An mouth, where Huong River flows into Tam Giang lagoon and then to the sea. Plenty small boats, junks drift up and down the river, while the wayside is dotted with cottages, temples, pagodas, lush rice fields and gardens.

Thuan An Beach is an enjoyable escape after a full day visit to the Imperial Citadel, mausoleums, pagodas, and so on. Locals head here to enjoy fresh air and sea-bathing in summer time. Beach activities last from April to September, while the temperature in Hue is fairly hot. Sometimes, the beach is packed with tourists, so it is not enough space for camping.

Bordering a section of the 1A National Highway, nearly Hai Van pass, and 24 km from Bach Ma area, Lang Co Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Hue. It is covered with powdery fine white sands, have clear warm water with gradually sloping ocean floors. The average depth of under 1m and the average temperature during the bathing season of 25°C.

Lang Co Sea is home to various kinds of shrimps, lobsters, crabs, butterfishes, mackerel fishes, oysters, etc. Not far from the beach is Lang Co fishing village, making it a popular hotspot for fresh and tasty seafood.

Situated between Chan May and Eastern Chan May, just about 60 km from Hue city, Canh Duong Beach is about 4000 meters long and 200 meters wide and arc-shaped with silky white sand beach and crystal clear blue water, making this place so romantic. The beach promises to be an interesting dining spot with fresh and delicious seafood.

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