Independence Beach

Independence Beach Sihanoukville

Independence Beach was named after Independence Hotel – a 7-story hotel located in the North end. Independence Beach also called as ‘otel bram-pil chann (hotel 7-story) by local people, and it also labeled as “7-Chann Beach” on the road signs in town. The beach is more than a kilometer long and the sandy is much narrower that make the shoreline best when the tide is low. Moreover, the shoreline is more extensive and has more tourists in the Northwest end where close to a little crisp water lake – the wellspring of the town’s clean water and is rumored to contain crocodiles.

Independence Beach is a quiet place among the city of numerous beaches. It is a perfect place for those who finding for a relaxation and want to spend quiet with lover while taking the pleasure in the beauty of nature with no interruption. Relaxing and enjoying the nature are two best things you should do at the Independence Beach, and it also is a good idea to go picnic with friends or family. In addition, several small restaurants and food corners in the middle beach can serve you delicious fresh sea food during your time here. Peaceful space, beautiful scenery, perfect service and fresh delicious sea food, Independence Beach in Sihanoukville really worth a visit.

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