Is Vietnam Good for a Honeymoon? Discover the Perfect Romantic Getaway

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Vietnam is quickly becoming one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Asia. With its stunning natural beauty, vibrant cities, world-class resorts, and unique cultural experiences, Vietnam has a lot to offer couples looking for an unforgettable honeymoon. Here’s a complete guide on whether Vietnam is a good choice for your romantic getaway.

Why is Vietnam good for a honeymoon destination?

Vietnam is a great place for honeymooners for several reasons:

Beautiful Scenery

Vietnam is home to some of the most beautiful landscapes in Southeast Asia. From the limestone karsts of Halong Bay to the terraced rice fields in Sapa, there are countless picturesque backdrops for romantic photos and lasting memories. The beaches in places like Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, and Mui Ne are also postcard-perfect.

Affordable Luxury

Compared to other popular honeymoon hotspots, Vietnam offers great value for money. You can find world-class beach resorts, fine dining, spa treatments and more for a fraction of the price in many other countries. This allows you to splurge on private pool villas, couples massages and other pampering your budget may not allow elsewhere.

Amazing Food

Vietnamese cuisine is fresh, flavorful and incredibly romantic when shared by candlelight on the beach or an open-air restaurant. The seafood, banh mi sandwiches, pho noodle soup, and tropical fruits are all stellar. Cooking classes and street food tours are fun activities for food-loving couples too.

Fascinating History & Culture

From ancient temples to French colonial architecture, Vietnam has a rich, intriguing history and culture to discover. Wandering the Old Quarter in Hanoi or Hoi An’s lantern-lit streets offers plenty of romantic sightseeing. The bustle of cities like Ho Chi Minh contrast nicely with relaxing beach time too.

Great Service

Renowned for their warm hospitality, the Vietnamese people help make any visit to Vietnam enjoyable. Resort staff, tour guides, drivers and more go out of their way to ensure honeymooners have a stress-free trip. Their attentive service enhances the whole romantic experience.

Pros of a Vietnam Honeymoon

Here are some of the major advantages of choosing Vietnam for a honeymoon:

Good Value Luxury Resorts

Vietnam boasts some incredibly romantic and luxurious resorts at very reasonable prices compared to other beach honeymoon destinations. We’re talking private plunge pools, sunset ocean views, open-air bathrooms, and world-class spas at a fraction of the usual cost. This allows couples to indulge.

Delicious, Affordable Food

One of the highlights of visiting Vietnam is undoubtedly the fabulous food. Excellent seafood, pho noodles, banh mi sandwiches, tropical fruit, and French pastries can all be sampled for cheap. Upscale restaurants in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh and beach towns also serve gourmet cuisine at reasonable prices.

Fascinating Sightseeing

From exploring ancient temples, imperial citadels and colorful markets in the cities to cruising Halong Bay and visiting hill tribe villages in Sapa, Vietnam offers an exotic and incredibly interesting range of sights to see. There’s enough to keep newlyweds engaged without having an overly packed itinerary.

Great Weather

Thanks to its appealing tropical climate, Vietnam enjoys warm, sunny weather ideal for beach honeymoons year-round. The dry season months from December to April are especially good with less rain, comfortable temperatures and minimal humidity in the south.

Easy Logistics

Language barriers can make honeymoon planning stressful, but Vietnam offers a relatively easy travel experience. Many locals speak English, transportation is simple to arrange, visas are easy to obtain and the tourism infrastructure is well-developed. This allows newlyweds to just focus on each other.

Cons of a Vietnam Honeymoon

While Vietnam has huge appeal as a honeymoon destination, there are a few potential downsides to consider:

Language Barrier

Although many people speak English, you’ll still encounter language difficulties, especially when traveling to rural areas. Learning a few basic Vietnamese phrases helps, but you may struggle to communicate intricately. This can be frustrating for things like medical issues or complaints.

Flight Times

Vietnam is quite far from the Americas, Australia and Europe, so getting there involves long flights. Stopovers in Asia or flying business or first class can help break up the journey if you have the budget. The time difference can also be tiring to adjust to initially.

Crowds & Scams

Vietnam’s tourism industry has boomed recently, meaning major attractions get very crowded at times – like Halong Bay. Tourist-oriented scams to watch out for include overcharging, two-tier pricing, bait and switch techniques, and some unethical tour operators.

Infrastructure Challenges

While dramatically improved, Vietnam’s roads, rail system and other infrastructure is still developing. Expect bumpy, windy journeys on roads or delayed train rides at times. Power outages and low water pressure can also occasionally happen at hotels and resorts too.

Weather Disruptions

Vietnam’s weather can be unpredictable, especially during the summer monsoon season. Typhoons may cause travel delays, while heavy rain can hamper plans for things like sightseeing, hiking and beach lounging. Having flexible plans helps accommodate unexpected weather issues.

Best Time to Visit Vietnam for Honeymoon

Vietnam enjoys a tropical climate ranging from north to south, with distinct weather patterns:

Northern Vietnam

The best time is spring (March-April) and autumn (October-December), when temperatures are comfortable and rainfall is low. Summers are hot and wet. Winters can get cool with grey skies.

Central Vietnam

Winters are ideal from January to August thanks to minimal rain, sunshine and low humidity. Summers see more tropical downpours and mugginess. Autumn brings storms, but lovely weather before that.

Southern Vietnam

The dry season from December to April is perfect for beach honeymoons. It’s sunny, warm and dry most days. There’s high heat and rain in summer (May to Oct) and November can still see heavy rainfall.

Is Vietnam Safe for a Honeymoon?

Vietnam is generally a safe place for travelers, including honeymooners. Violent crime is rare, and tourist sites have good security. However, petty theft is relatively common. Things like bag snatching, pickpocketing, scams and taxi meter tricks can happen, especially in crowded cities like Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh.

Taking precautions like not carrying too much cash, locking up valuables in your hotel safe, and not walking down deserted streets at night helps minimize any risks. Avoiding leaving drinks unattended also helps avoid the rare chance of spiking.

Medical care may not meet Western standards, so get travel insurance, take any prescription medications and follow food/water precautions. Only drink bottled water and avoid raw fruit/veg that can’t be peeled.

Road accidents are common, so don’t hire a motorbike without experience and licenses. Reputable tour companies, hotels and transportation providers are safest.

Things to do in Vietnam for Honeymoon

From sightseeing to relaxation, Vietnam offers tons of fantastic experiences for newlyweds:

Romantic Beach Time

Soaking up the sun on the powdery sands of Phu Quoc or Mui Ne beaches before a couples massage at your resort is blissful. Island hopping in Nha Trang, trying water sports or just lounging with tropical cocktails are other great options. Walking along empty stretches hand-in-hand is very romantic.

Cruising Halong Bay

A Halong Bay cruise lets you wake up on the tranquil, karst-dotted waters, explore limestone caves and soak up incredible panoramic views from your private balcony. Many boats offer pampering services likes spas too. Sailing at sunset is magical.

Wandering Ancient Streets

Strolling down the atmospheric laneways of UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Hoi An and getting lost together offers laid-back sightseeing. Trying street food and buying souvenirs at night markets or silk shops is fun too.

Sampling Amazing Cuisine

Sharing a romantic meal of pho noodles, fresh seafood and local beer is a must in Vietnam. Many restaurants offer cooking classes so you can learn to recreate the signature dishes at home. Street food tours are tasty too.

Exploring Old Quarters

Ho Chi Minh City’s buzzing District 1 and the historic Old Quarter of Hanoi with all their crumbling architecture, tiny alleyways and street scenes make for fascinating urban exploring as a couple. Shop for souvenirs, sip local caf?? culture and people watch.

Taking Day Trips

Visiting Hanoi’s atmospheric handicraft villages like Bat Trang pottery town, trekking Sapa’s rice terraces and seeing daily life unfold on the water in the Mekong Delta are all rewarding day trips offering cultural immersion.

Best Places in Vietnam for Honeymoon

From exciting cities to romantic beaches, here are some of the top spots to consider:


Vietnam’s historic capital offers romantic walks around Hoan Kiem Lake, tasty street food tour and sightseeing options. Stay in the atmospheric Old Quarter or leafy West Lake area. Don’t miss the Water Puppet theater.

Hoi An

This charming Ancient Town with picturesque laneways lined with silk shops, cafes and temples is ideal for newlyweds. Get custom tailoring, take a cooking class, visit nearby beaches or bike through rice paddies.

Ho Chi Minh City

The cosmopolitan energy and vibrant nightlife of Vietnam’s biggest city appeals to many urban honeymooners. Take in the sights like the old Post Office, stroll bustling Ben Thanh Market and enjoy rooftop cocktail bars.


The stunning terraced rice fields, epic mountain views and colorful hill tribe villages around Sapa in the north provide a scenic honeymoon backdrop. Hiking and homestays can be arranged.

Phu Quoc

Newlyweds wanting a relaxing beach getaway should head to this beautiful island off Vietnam’s south coast. Stay in a luxury beachfront resort, go on romantic dinners and try water sports like snorkeling.

Mui Ne

With its stunning stretch of powdery sand, laid-back vibe and activities like kitesurfing on offer, Mui Ne is ideal for an active oceanfront honeymoon. Resorts are very affordable. Nearby sand dunes and sights like the Fairy Stream add interest.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang’s gorgeous crescent bay with soft sand fringed by mountains, fun beachfront promenade and island hopping excursions suit honeymooners wanting a nice mix of activities, culture and relaxation. Plenty of dining options too.

Best Resorts in Vietnam For Honeymoon

Here are some of the most romantic resorts in Vietnam for newlyweds:

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

This exclusive all-villa resort oozes luxury, privacy and pampering. Villas have private pools and amazing views. The spa is sublime and service is impeccable. Island hopping and diving add activities.

Almanity Hoian Wellness Resort

Offering sophisticated style close to Hoi An, this resort features private pool villas, an open-air spa and yoga pavilion. Unique wellness programs, healthy dining and cycling are available.

Anantara Quy Nhon Villas

These secluded oceanfront villas with infinity pools outside Nha Trang provide the ultimate romantic escape. Get massages in your villa, dine beachside and enjoy free activities like kayaking.

Mia Resort Nha Trang

Stylish hillside and ocean view villas, all with private pools, are highlights here alongside multiple dining options, the spa and beach club. Free shuttles to town are provided.

Secret Garden Mui Ne

For affordability without sacrificing style or service, this boutique Mui Ne hotel fits the bill. Villas have outdoor tubs and patios overlooking a pool with lush gardens. The restaurant is excellent too.

Princess d’Annam Resort & Spa

This all-inclusive luxury resort near Hoi An is perfect for newlyweds seeking pampering. Villas boast beautiful furnishing, private pools and large terraces. The huge spa and tropical gardens are stunning.

Sanouva Saigon Hotel

This chic, modern boutique hotel in Ho Chi Minh City’s city centre provides a sleek escape from the bustling streets. Enjoy the rooftop pool and bar along with pampering touches in your room.

What to Pack for a Vietnam Honeymoon

Here are some essential items to include when packing for your Vietnam honeymoon:

  • Light, breathable clothing – think maxi dresses, shorts, skirts, and cotton button-ups or T-shirts. Vietnam is hot and humid.
  • Sturdy walking shoes for sightseeing in cities and towns. Sandals work for the beach.
  • Swimwear! You’ll want your bikini and boardshorts for the beach and resort pools. Don’t forget nice sundresses or smart-casual wear for romantic dinners out too.
  • Sun protection – hats, sunscreen, and UV-blocking clothing are essentials. The tropical sun is strong.
  • Raincoat or compact travel umbrella during wetter months (May-Sep). The rains can come on quickly.
  • Photo essentials – your phones/tablets, selfie stick, DSLR camera, waterproof casing, and extra batteries or chargers to document every memory.
  • Mosquito repellent, ideally containing DEET. Malaria meds may be recommended too. Mosquitos and other bugs can be an annoyance.
  • Universal adapter for Vietnam’s varied electrical sockets.
  • Prescriptions, medications, first-aid kit – have any essentials you may need on hand. Vietnam has good healthcare but communications can be a barrier.
  • Documents – passport, visas, travel insurance paperwork, vaccine certificates if required. Keep copies in case originals are lost too.

In a nutshell: Is Vietnam Good For a Honeymoon?

With its mesmerizing scenery, world-class luxury resorts, top-notch dining, fascinating history and culture, warm hospitality, exciting activities and great value, Vietnam has it all for an unforgettable, romantic honeymoon full of amazing memories.

The incredible sights, flawless beaches and tropical climate provide the perfect backdrop for newlywed bliss. Accommodation and experiences can be as lavish or laidback as you desire. English is widely spoken and travel overall is easy.

While flights can be long, infrastructure unpredictable and crowds/scams exist in places, a little sensible preparation overcomes these minor downsides. Vietnam outshines many other global honeymoon hotspots for affordability and diversity.

So for couples seeking that magical combo of relaxation, adventure, culinary pleasures and cultural immersion on a budget, Vietnam reigns as one of Asia’s top honeymoon destinations.


Vietnam offers an outstanding setting for an romantic, memorable and affordable honeymoon. With careful planning to choose the ideal time to visit, regions to focus on and luxury resorts to stay at based on your interests, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable newlywed experience.

From the peaceful beaches in Nha Trang to the urban energy of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam packs incredible diversity into a manageable size. You can balance lazy beach days with exciting excursions to ancient sites, bustling markets, verdant national parks and more.

Don’t be put off by the long haul flights – the reward of an exotic, affordable honeymoon awaits. With new luxury hotels constantly opening up across Vietnam to cater to honeymoon demand, it’s only getting easier to have a dream trip. Just leave the planning to the experts and indulge in five-star pampering.

Vietnam’s friendly locals, mouth-watering cuisine and stunning landscapes create the recipe for romantic memories that will last a lifetime. Start your marriage adventure together in this amazing country.

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