Island: Hon Tre, Hon Mun, Hon Tam

Hon Tre, Nha Trang

With above 3000 hectare area, Hon Tre is the largest island in Nha Trang Bay. The island is 5km east from Nha Trang City and 3.5km far from Cau Da port, the main residents are tourists and fishermen. The estimated population of the island is 1500 people. There are small and untouched beaches with some jungles laying on the island.

Hon Mun is one of the most romantic island of Nha Trang island system. It is 10km from Cau Da port (45 minutes by train). The island is not only attracted with white sand, blue sea and wild oats on steep cliffs, it is also known as one of the richest and most beautiful aquarium of the Southeast Asia. There are varieties of services such as discovering the beach by glass bottom boat and diving service.

Hon Tam, also known as Thuy Kim Son Island, is a 110 hectare island located in the windy and sunny blue water. Hon Tam is 7km southeast far from Nha Trang City with 7 minutes canoeing and 25 minutes traveling by train. Besides sightseeing and relaxing, visitors can participate in many entertainment forms such as hiking, forest exploring, fishing, water hunting or windsurfing, parasailing or water motorbike to show courageous. From Hon Tam, people can see the whole Nha Trang City and Cam Ranh Penisula to the south…

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