Kaba Aye Pagoda – The “World Peace Pagoda”

Kaba Aye Pagoda in Yangon

The Kaba Aye Pagoda or “World peace pagoda” is lately built in Yangon in 1952 by U Nu, the prime minister to host the sixth Buddhist Council which finished in 1956, 2,500 years after the Buddha’s passing into nirvana.

The stupa is 36 meters in height and 34 meters around the base. Its golden dome being topped with a multi tiered hti – an umbrella shaped ornamental spire.

The lower part of the pagoda is very colorful and in round structure with five elaborately carved doorway. In large niches in between the entrances, there are many small images of standing Buddha enshrined in front of mural paintings.

In the focal point of the pagoda is a huge, empty column. Its outside is embellished with paintings of nature in blue and green colors. Around the column are brilliant pictures of the four Buddhas that have reached Nirvana.

Inside the empty column is a substantial silver Buddha picture in the Bhumisparsha mudra of “Calling the Earth to witness”, situated on a fancy platform. Around the dividers are various more diminutive pictures in different postures. The pagoda’s external dividers inverse the column are embellished with huge wall paintings demonstrating Buddhist portrayals.

The Maha Pasana Guha (“Great hollow”) is an expansive man made “surrender” that contains a gathering corridor where the sixth Buddhist committee was held. The gathering corridor was assembled inside a cavern in light of the fact that the first Buddhist committee was held inside a collapse India soon after the Buddha’s passing into last Nirvana around 2,500 years back. The corridor’s six doors and six vast columns supporting the top symbolize the six gatherings.

The corridor measuring 67 meters in length and 43 meters wide with a high roof is presently utilized for different gatherings and to have examinations on the Tripitaka, the teachings of the Buddha. At the end of the lobby is a little Buddha picture situated on an extravagant throne in the “Calling the Earth to witness” carriage.

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