Kho Muong Village and Bat Cave

Bat Cave, Kho Muong, Pu Luong

Kho Muong village is located deep in the core zone of Pu Luong National Nature Reserve. Kho Muong is an unspoiled village, completely separate from other villages and less affected by humans, so it still retains the inherent poetic beauty.

According to Thai people, “Kho” means root and “Muong” means village. Kho Muong is the first place where people here set up their business. The road leading to Kho Muong village is extremely strenuous with zigzag roads with one side is the deviant cliff. But when travelers arrive, they will be impressed by the serene beauty of this land.

Kho Muong has a mild climate all year round and is surrounded by the immense green of primeval forests, terraced fields, cornfields, and cassava fields. Visit this village, it’s easy to see Thai ethnic traditional stilt houses and experience their unique cultural identity and activities.

The stilt houses here are built close to the foot of the mountain, associated with the traditional cultural identity of the Thai people, most of which are roofed by straw and palm leaves. The house is built on 2 floors, the upper floor is for living and sleeping and the lower part is the place to welcome guests, daily activities such as cooking, weaving, spinning…. People in Kho Muong village are self-sufficient. They cultivate rice, maize, and cassava.

Coming to Kho Muong village, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the natural scenery and immerse themselves in the life of the Thai people. Visitors can participate in rice planting or harvesting, sit by the fire together, exchange music and culture. All have created an attractive Kho Muong village that attracts many tourists. A great time to explore Kho Muong village is from May to October when the terraced fields are in their golden ripe time.

Kho Muong Cave

Kho Muong Cave, also known as Bat Cave, is located in the core zone of Pu Luong Nature Reserve. The cave belongs to the karst form in the limestone mountains. Its entry is wide with many large stalactites interspersed with boulders that have existed for about 250 million years. The cave has a connection with the 2.5km underground river system from Kho Muong village to Pon village, creating a connection between valleys. This cave is home to many types of bats, including at least 4 different species. The road to the cave is very steep and slippery with stalactites in strange shapes such as people, trees, animals, etc. Currently, the road to the bat cave has been upgraded to facilitate tourism.

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