Long Tuyen Ancient Village (Can Tho)

Long Tuyen Ancient Village

Long Tuyen Ancient Village in Can Tho is a must-vist destination with the unique and charming beauty created by ancient houses, national relics and rich fruit orchards. From Can Tho city center toward the west on national highway number 91 about 5 kilometers, it is located on the banks of the river Binh Thuy.

There are six national relics in this village, equivalent to one-third relics of whole province. The architecture is special mixed style by various cultures from Western (French, American) to Eastern (Chinese, Cham and Japanese). Binh Thuy Temple (another name is Long Tuyen Ancient Temple) is a good illustration for the architectural diversification. It was built with over 4000 square meter in 1844. It external style looks like Chinese one but its facet brings typical French style. While its internal decoration retains Vietnam ethnic nuances and national spirit in architectural style. With more than 170 years history, Long Tuyen village is honor to be on the list of top 5 most famous ancient villages with hundreds years of age in Vietnam in 2014.

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