“Love Connection” Summer Camp 2017

Love Connection Summer Camp 2017

Love and Aspiration Fund nourishes the children grown up with no Father or Mother, no financial support to basically survive, no book for schooling, no frequent income, so with only risks of dropping out of schools. The children themselves must manually work hard to save themselves and even their relatives in this world. With Love and Aspiration, we have opened the future for many children, fanned their fire of belief and love.

“Love Connection” Summer Camp 2017 held by members and volunteers of the Aspiration Fund aims to improve the children’s self-reliance, teach them to love and live responsibly as well as to build a solid relationship among the participants. The children will be able to feel the profound love from the people around them, therefore gain more joy and hopes in life.

Let’s share and sympathize, donate to the Khat Vong Fund, give the children a happy and useful week at the 2017 Summer Camp for energy to face the shortage in life and contribute. Help them to join in the Khat Vong journey to find a bright future.

Time: Jul 2-9 2017
Location: Institute of Management for Agricultural and Rural (Ngoc Hoi – Thanh Tri – Hanoi)
Website: khatvong.edu.vn
Sponsorship Kit: link
Facebook: link

  • All interest and contribution please contact directly to the Head of the Camp: Ms Vu Thi Dung
  • Phone number: 0946.269.611
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Account number: 2601.0000.196427 at BIDV West Hanoi Branch
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