“Love Connection” Summer Camp 2018


Established in 2012, Aspiration is a non-profit organization aiming at providing instrumental and emotional support for disadvantaged students in secondary and high school. Aspiration has become a close family welcoming orphans and children growing up without opportunities of getting sufficient amount of food, clothing, or school supplies. The risk of dropping out of school is huge, as many unfortunate children must work strenuously to assist their family to make ends meet. Yet, the relentless desires toward a better future have kept them from giving up on their ambitions. The number of students receiving Aspiration’s aid has been continuously growing in 5 years, from only 10 students in 2012 to more than 200 children in 2017.

With the mission of “Connecting love and Cultivating wisdom”, Aspiration provides a monthly allowance and keeps regular contact with these children to guide and help them with their difficulties in studying and in life. Receiving unconditional love, care and support, every child in Aspiration can be more confident, responsible, ethical, positive, and become a good nucleus of society. Annually, Aspiration holds “Love Connection” Summer Camp 2018 for supported students, enable them to participate in training, orientation for personal development and resilient mindset. Joining the summer camp, students are given opportunities to experience the family warmth from friends and volunteers, to understand the family connection and the friendship among each individual. The summer camp also features prominent and talented speakers sharing many valuable guidance on necessary skills and other aspects of life.

Along with learning and sharing with other students and speakers, in each Summer camp, Aspiration strives to give children the chance to visit some famous destinations and experience new things, with the hope to spark their curiosity to learn. After each summer camp, the results are remarkable: distinct positive changes in their cognition, behavior and particularly attitude. Summer camps are always organized with the objective of spreading love, good values in life to not only children of Aspiration but also to the community.

However, Aspiration faces a lot of difficulties to turn each summer camp into reality, and one of them is funding. This year, as the number of students increased dramatically, the monthly allowance for the children accounted for almost the entire budget of Aspiration. For nearly 250 children in Hanoi, providing accommodation, food, learning materials as well as taking care of life, health and other spiritual conditions for them can be great difficulties for Aspiration team.

Given the difficulties and challenges in organizing “Love Connection” Summer Camp 2018 of Aspiration Fund, Eviva Tour Vietnam is calling for your support, so that more than 200 bright faces can have a happy and meaningful week at Love Connection Summer Camp 2018.

Eviva Tour Vietnam believes that each and every small action of, if summed up, can tremendously support more and more children to get the tickets to their bright future. Love is magic.

Time: Jul 1st – 8th, 2018
Website: khatvong.edu.vn
Facebook: Khat Vong – Event: Love Connection Summer Camp 2018

All interest and contribution please contact directly to the Head of the Camp: Ms. Vu Thi Dung
Phone number: 0946.269.611
Email: dungkhatvong@gmail.com
Account number: 2601.0000.196427 at BIDV West Hanoi Branch

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