Monywa in Mandalay

Monywa, originally called Thalawadi, said to be a large village in the Bagan Era. Monywa lies on the eastern bank of the Chindwin River, and the journey to the village takes around three and half hour driving from Mandalay through Sagaing which is roughly 136 km west of Mandalay.

Monywa serves as the main trade center for farming products including beans, sesame, pulses, cotton and palm sugar.

After crossing the Chindwin River and getting through 25 km dusty roads, visitors will get to a system of sandstone caves located in a cleft of Poe Win Hills. The caves and encompassing hills are named after U Po Win, a well known zawgyi (alchemist) who once lived among them. Its stone carving and wall painting are magnificent work. The caves themselves contain Buddha Images most demonstrate the Inwa style of the fourteenth century and paintings of the seventeenth and eighteenth century. The Pon-daung-pon-nya mountain range lies to the south-west, where the 30 millions years fossilized remains of ‘Pondaung Man’ were found.

Thanbuddhae pagoda – The complex of 582363 Buddha status built in 1303 is the fascinating attraction of Monywa. From the outside, the stupa in the centre is dimly reminiscent of Borobudur in Indonesia, however is considerably smaller. Little stupas numbering 845 encompass the carefully decorated central stupa.

Bodhitahtaung – The one thousand Bo trees complex is a picturesque spot. The colossal lying, reclining and standing Buddha images let you know the incredible works done by Buddhist devotees.

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