Must-visit Vietnam destinations in September


September is the time of the harvest season in the North West of Vietnam, the floating season in Mekong Delta, and believably the fall splendor of Hanoi. Here are top 5 Vietnam destinations you should not miss this September.

1. Sapa, Lao Cai

Sapa, Vietnam

September is the time when Sapa Vietnam and other mountainous areas in the West North enter the harvest season. Endless rice paddy forms a smooth green curtain covering up the whole valley of Sapa. As September comes, everything then brightened up with the gentle golden color of the ripe rice.

2. Ha Giang

Hoang Su Phi, Ha Giang, Vietnam

Normally people flood Ha Giang in October for it’s the season of the triangular circuit. But if you want to overwhelm yourself with the magnificent panoramic view of terraces changing color, you may want to start your trip a month earlier. Hoang Su Phi is the favorite name of many professional photographers, which has been recognized as a national heritage since 2012.

3. Hanoi

Photo: Giang Trinh

Autumn is the most wonderful time of the year and Hanoi is the most romantic place in Vietnam. That’s a great combination which is not only for lovers but also for those who want to find inner peace. When the autumn comes to, visitors will be enthralled by Hanoi’s beauty, mesmerized by Hanoi’s charisma and spellbound by Hanoi’s scenery. The two most famous places in Hanoi for this time are the Old Quarter of Hanoi and the Sword Lake.

4. Dong Thap

Dong Thap-Vietnam in December

The beauty of the southern province of Dong Thap – the kingdom of Lotus has been an inspiration for generations of Vietnamese writers and poets. This year, to help visitors to know more about the land and its people, the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology organize the Mid-autumn event 2017 with the theme of: “The Colors of Dong Thap Province”. The event will last from 30 Sep and 01 Oct 2019.

5. Tra Su forest, An Giang

Tra Su Forest

Tra Su melaleuca forest in the high-water season is definitely a must see in An Giang in September. From the middle of September until the Tet lunar New Year is the best time of year to visit Tra Su since the entire forest is inundated. The journey around the green, peaceful Melaleuca forest, which has a typical wetland ecological system, west of the Hau River, is an unforgettable experience.

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