Ong Dung Primary Forest

Ong Dung Primary Forest

Ong Dung is a small bay, about 3 km to center, 6 km to travel boat terminal and 16 km to the airport. Along the way, visitors will see historical places and perennial plants.

It has a very diverse ecosystem and mostly untouched with many unique features. Ong Dung beach is wide beach with smooth sand. It almost does not have any tourist make visitor who prefer the quiet feel extremely excited. Ong Dung Beach has many large and small pebbles mixed with yellow sand, clear and blue sea which looks very beautiful. It also has a lot of big almond tree on the beach make it more attractive.

This is the right place for a picnic, relax, group activities, camping. In addition, you can also hire a canoe to explore the nearby islands such as Hon Tre Lon, Hon Tre Nho for sightseeing, swimming, bird and corals watching.

From March to September, take 2 or 3 hours to explore the forest and beach Ong Dung. You will have an unforgettable experience.

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