Pac Po Cave

Pac Po Cave in Cao Bang

Leave Cao Bang City 55 km to the north, hidden in a rural hamlet; it is a famous Pac Po historical site that witnessed many Vietnam’s landmark historical events. It includes many relic sites: Coc Po Cave, Nguom Vai Cave, Lung Vai Cave, Ho Chi Minh Memorial House, especially Pac Po Cave and Lenin Stream.

Pac Po Cave once was President Ho Chi Minh’s whereabouts after he finished the 30-year-olds journey finding national liberation. The acreage of the cave is about 80 m2 with a narrow gate. Not being the majestic limestone cave, but Pac Po cave is truly a meaningful place for history lovers. The remaining trace of Uncle Ho here, along with past war stories, makes anyone feel touched even though you are a foreigner.
Many travelers will certainly not forget the turquoise green water image of Lenin stream. The clear stream looks like a giant mirror that one can see fish and pebbles. It would be best if you came here from May to October because the cave floor is dry, and the streamflow is calmer in those months.

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