Pac Rang village

Phuc Sen Village

Nestled in Phuc Sen Commune, Quang Uyen Town, Cao Bang Province, there is a small but reputed village. Pac Rang village referred to is Phuc Sen forging village. Located near the connecting route Cao Bang city and Ban Gioc Waterfall, this place is not only a convenient stopover but also an excellent chance to see firsthand the complicated work of making forging products.

Although the forging product is not too eye-catching, you can completely believe its quality. Those products are forged from the semi-truck leaf spring, which was made from high-quality steel. Every family has a secret to making sharp knives, hammer or axe, and the secret is passed to the family members. Hope you could find out. You should wear sunglasses, shoes and long sleeves because of sparks and little debris.

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