Rattan Bridge

Rattan Bridge in sapa

Make sure you do not miss adventurous but lovely Rattan Bridge. Situated about 17km southeast of Sapa centre, the bridge over Muong Hoa river made from rattan is a pleasant and magnificent place. If you visit the bridge on misty days, you will feel like you are floating on clouds.The way that the bridge was made is very special. The Xo Dang and Gie Trieng Rattan ethnic minority peoples used rattan – an abundant material in the mountainous areas in Vietnam – to create an environment-friendly sway bridge to connect the river banks. Each end of the bridge is skillfully tied between trees on either bank. The main frame of a rattan suspension bridge is made from two big rattans while smaller rattans are weaved into something like a hammock. Nowadays, it is rare to see a suspension rattan bridge. Only few bridges like this still exists on the Annamite Range (so-called Truong Son in Vietnamese) and on the Northern Central Highlands. Thesedays, simple suspension bridges though gradually disappearing, remain valuable to many in remote areas. They are still popular gathering places for villagers to enjoy the shade of the trees and socialize.

Joining a trekking tour to Rattan Bridge, you will have chance to contemplate stunning view of Muong Hoa valleys as well as have an insight understanding about life of tribal peoples and pass by local houses of Red Dao.

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