Research weather and climate features in Sapa

Sapa Spring in the clouds

Sapa is one of the ideal destinations when visiting Vietnam thanks for its primitive and spectacular beauty with a lot of breathtaking landscapes. Sapa has Fansipan – the highest peak in Vietnam, Muong Hoa valley…To make the most out of your trip you should research travel information, here in Sapa, before going to Vietnam.

Climate in Sapa

Sapa is located in a moderate temperate climate zone with average temperatures from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius.

Spring prolongs between February and April; however, February weather is still relatively cold. If you visit Sapa at this time, you will not be able to see all the beauty of Sapa because it was hidden behind a dense fog.

May to September is a warm time in Sapa town. In Autumn, Sapa’s temperature decreases gradually, with little breeze cools and rain from the monsoon that clear the heat of the summer. When winter comes, Sapa seems to wear a new color shirt made of pure white snow and fog in the cold wind. The chart below illustrates the Sapa temperature in degrees Celsius, daylight time in hours, and monthly precipitation that all measured especially.

Climate chart in Sapa – Vietnam
Climate chart in Sapa – Vietnam

Summer with verdant mountains and valleys

The summer (from May to August) is the rainy season in Sapa, with temperatures around 23 to 24 degrees Celsius There are many kinds of mysterious plants which grow in summer, which you can see and taste at Sapa markets. The blend of mountainous landscape, valleys, and flowers blooming creates a gorgeous picture that you can nowhere else. . If it’s not rainy luckily, you absolutely can enjoy natural scenery perfectly.

See the charm of golden terraces ripening in Autumn

In early September, the rice fields come into golden time,bringing a new look to the terraces. It still rains in this month, but until October, rainfall gets less, the temperatures are about 20 to 23 degrees Celsius.

Although the chance for rain in September is high, you still can visit and enjoy beautiful rice paddies. The reason is you would miss out on the beauty of the vast terraced fields when the harvest ended in October.

Detailes climate in Sapa – Vietnam
Detailes climate in Sapa – Vietnam

Detailed information can be found at website.

The weather in every season in Sapa

For Vietnamese, Sapa in each season has its own beauties. The spring comes with plants and leaves growing, is the season of the gorgeous forest of flowers; in summer, we welcome the fresh green terraces and delightful waterfall. When autumn arrives, the forests with yellow leaves will make you bothered; the white and pure snow mountains when winter comes is the moment that you can not miss.

Spring is awaked with cherry blossoms and plums

From February to April, when you come to Sapa, you will admire the beauty of blossom forests, plums mixed with the color of green tea leaves and rice. However, there is quite a lot of fog, you can not see delightful sights there, the temperature is about 14 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Winter is cold and snow will fall sometimes

In winter, Sapa has much cloud cover and is colder than other seasons. Winter is fairly special because it has the same time as the dry season so there is almost not any rain. If you come to Sapa in winter, you miss the brilliant tea hills and the natural terraces. The temperature can decrease significantly by freezing, this is a novelty for Vietnamese because in northern Vietnam snow very seldom falls. Which seems quite typical for Europeans. This is the reason why you should not visit Sapa in the winter months.

Spring has cherry blossoms among tea hills

In spring, Sapa is well-known for tea leaves and rice that have still hidden behind the thick fog. When the Sun rises, you can see a beautiful landscape painting of O Long tea hills. Cherry Blossoms adorn the terraced fields, which creates slight but exquisite interweaving color. The soft pink flowers contrasting with green tea hills and all of them mixed with mist make up a realistic, simple yet beautiful Sapa scene.

The best time to visit Sapa

If you want to admire the golden terraces, you can arrive in Sapa in the summertime and especially early September. During the harvest season, which happens in September, Sapa is brilliantly beautiful with the scenery seeming to turn into golden carpet covering steps of terraces of the jungles. It is the reason why September in Sapa is the favorite season for many travellers.

When you decide to visit Sapa in summer or September, you should research carefully how to apply Visa for Vietnam as well as check the weather forecast before departing and make arrangements for your trip. So, you will have the time safe and don’t have to worry about weather problems in Sapa. You need to have flexibility in your itinerary but please be aware that sometimes bad weather may happen. as Sapa is well-known as a foggy and rainy town.

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