Rice paper – From simple dishes to snacks with various variations

Rice paper - From simple dishes to snacks with various variations

Rice paper is one of the most popular dishes in every kitchen and can be prepared with many different recipies. Thanks to the advantages of being cheap, easy to find, and convenient to snack, rice paper has become more and more popular, especially among young Vietnamese. With only the main ingredient of rice paper, you can satisfy your creativity and try with a lot of easy-to-make snacks. Currently, there are many types of rice paper dish recipes known to everyone such as mixed rice paper, rolled rice paper, baked rice paper, and baked rice paper, …


Rice paper is made from the main ingredients of rice flour and diluted tapioca flour, then coated on the surface of the pot (a specialized tool) after being coated with a round shape and dried in the sun. It is a specialty originating from Tay Ninh province of the South Vietnam.

The North of Vietnam called it rice paper or rice paper rolls, the Central called it dipped rice paper, and the South called it rice paper. Most people call it rice paper because the main step when making the cake is to thin it.

The main raw material is usually rice flour mixed with cassava flour (many places use corn, green beans flour…) in a moderate liquid phase with water. Wheat flour (cassava) with a reasonable ratio to make the cake more flexible and easy to thin. There are also other additives such as sesame, salt, pepper, garlic, coconut, onion, and sugar… depending on the type of rice paper in different regions.

How people make rice paper

People uses a ladle to scoop the dough onto a pre-stretched cloth over a large pot with boiling water inside. Then use a coconut shell to spread a thin layer of dough in a circle (coating), this action must be skillful and agile in just a few seconds (can sprinkle more sesame on top to make it more fragant). When rice paper is cooked, use a thin bamboo stick or a tube thread under the cake to remove, spread it on a woven bamboo griddle, and then dry in the sun. The thickness of the rice paper are regulated depending on the processing usage.

Rice paper processing recipes variant

Traditional mixed rice paper

Traditional mixed rice paper

This dish is one of the popular snacks among students and has never cooled down. With just a few simple added ingredients such as mango, quail eggs, and dried squid, satay, kumquat juice, fried onion, peanut, laska leaves, shrimp salt… you’ve got yourself a plate of delicious and plentiful mixed rice paper right at home. Not only is it hygienic, but it also has an incomparable taste.
The chewy rice paper, and dried squid, salty and sweet of spices, along with the sour taste of mango, the fatty flesh of eggs, and the seductive aroma of kumquat will make you fall at first try.

Rice paper rolls

Rice paper rolls

With ingredients similar to mixed rice paper, roll rice paper normally added butter and tamarind source made this dish has a different taste, like an upgraded version of mixed rice paper. The ingredients will not be mixed with smithereens of rice paper but covered by the a transparent layer of wet rice paper. After neatly rolled, the last step is to put the sweet and sour tamarind sauce or with a rich and fatty butter sauce on. You will surely surprised by the perfect fitted blend of flavors.

Grilled rice paper

Grilled rice paper

Grilled rice paper is one of the typical Sai Gon and Da Lat snacks. This is a dish that once caused a fever in snack connoisseurs. With the name “Vietnamese pizza”, the hotness of grilled rice paper has never been cooled down.

Grilled rice paper is a snack originating from Phan Rang (Ninh Thuan), then widely in Da Lat, Phan Thiet, and popular in Saigon. It is made from crispy thin rice paper with rich fillings such as sausage, shredded chicken, mixed seafood, beef jerky, cheese, eggs…, similar to Italian pizza, and drizzle with sauce (chili sauce, mayonnaise and tamarind sauce).

Fried rice paper

Fried rice paper

Fried rice paper can be a popular snack and is not only loved by young people in Saigon, but for most people, it is a dish associated with their childhood. Crispy cakes embrace the savory meat filling that is capable of satisfying even the most “difficult” customers.

Rice paper tteokbokki

Rice paper tteokbokki

This dish went viral and then widely known throught tiktok. By rolling the wet rice paper itself into the tube shape, an easy version of Korean tteokbokki has just born. Some people also add a slice of cheese or mini sausage before rolling to make more options. Then just cook this rice paper tteobokki the way you make traditional tteokbokki with spicy flavor. The different thing is tteok’s texture, it would be more chewy and of course, funny to enjoy.

Mochi rice paper

Although not 100% like Japanese mochi, this rice paper mochi version will allow you to simplify mochi proper at your home. The recipe was mentioned on internet. Or you change the fillings into different kinds of cream and fruits to make more rice paper wrapped flavor.

Fried rice paper with cheese or chilli powder

This is a literally snack. Just fried rice paper added cheese or chilli powder. Some made it more apealling with seaweed, seasame. Manufacturing companies should think about packaging this product soon.


Rice paper is a fast-delicious-reasonable snack for Vietnamese people. This is also an interesting variation of rice in a wet-rice culture country – another strange street option worth adding to the list of must-try dishes when you visit Vietnam.

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