Royal Tomb of Duc Duc, Thanh Thai, and Duy Tan

Royal Tomb Duc Duc, Thanh Thai, Duy Tan in Hue City

The Emperor Duc Duc shares his comparatively modest tomb with two other Emperors, Thanh Thai and Duy Tan, who fell foul of the French colonial authorities.

The reign of Emperor Tu Duc lasted a mere three days and he starved to death in prison. He was a nephew of the Emperor Tu Duc and was selected by the Emperor Tu Duc to be his successor as he had no son to follow him. However, he was soon deposed by members of the court who were displeased by his closeness to the French.

Ironically, both his son and grandson that ruled after Duc Duc, and are buried with him were strongly anti-French and were deported to Africa by the colonialists. Thanh Thai was eventually allowed to return to Vietnam but died shortly afterwards in Vung Tau, a year before the French were finally expelled. His son, Duy Tan, was sent to join his father in exile, but died in an airplane crash.

Just two kilometers from Hue, the tomb complex includes three major parts, the Long An temple, Duc Duc’s tomb and the tombs of his son, Emperor Thanh Thai, and grandson, Emperor Duy Tan. The Emperors Thanh Thai and Duy Tan rest behind the Long An Temple on Duc Duc’s tomb grounds. Inside the temple are three altars set up to commemorate the three Emperors.

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