Saigon nightlife: What to do in Saigon when the night falls down

Saigon nightlife

Ho Chi Minh City, widely known as Sai Gon and the second biggest city in Vietnam, is a metropolis on the move. When the night falls down, the city turns into a giant party with tons of things to discover. As a thriving hub, Saigon works hard and plays hard. Follow our Saigon nightlife guide to see what are the best things to do if you’re going to spend a night here.

1. Spending the night on a rooftop bar

Chill sky bar Saigon nightlife rooftop bars

It is not wrong for one to say Ho Chi Minh City has one of the most impressive collections of rooftop bars in the world. Offering panoramic views of the vibrant city and beyond, Saigon’s rooftop bars are rated as some of the best in the world. Sitting back with a cocktail and enjoy the stunning view of Saigon from sunset until the early hours of the morning.

Drinks and food served at rooftop bars here are unsurprisingly on the pricier side, however, is still relatively inexpensive. With excellent service, stylish ambience, and lively crowd, a night out (or two) at Ho Chi Minh’s most popular rooftop bars is definitely well worth the extra expense. While some are highlighted by magnetic and luxurious decoration, others impress you with a little 21st century menus. This is the right things to do for those who like good drinks, harmonious atmosphere and relaxation.

Recommend rooftop bars in Saigon for you:

2. Wandering around night markets

Saigon nightlife at Ben_Thanh

For those who find the day is just too hot to spend shopping, the cooler night air offers an ideal opportunity to grab some souvenirs. Indeed, hanging out at night markets is enjoyable to many people. While they may not be as bright and shiny as malls or supermarkets, night markets have their own character and are popular destinations for local people and travellers alike. You can go with a group of friends, spend time finding out a cute outfit and accessories, have fun in bargaining, and remind yourself that you are in Vietnam.

You can find here a wide range of goods on offer including clothes, footwear, hats, Vietnamese specialties and souvenirs. And since the sellers don’t have to pay as much as day markets or supermarkets, the prices are usually cheaper. As well as the choice in souvenirs, there’s also a great range of food, with many street vendors setting up shop to take advantage of the passing trade.

Among all, Ben Thanh market is considered to be the most tourist-friendly. Besides, this market also sells clothes with a wider variety of styles which are suitable for different ages. Its location is right in the centre of the city, travellers who enjoyed wandering around at nights can find their way to Ben Thanh night market. It also sells some unique Vietnamese souvenirs. Moreover, there is also traditional street food for you to enjoy.

Recommend night markets in Saigon for you:

3. Cruise dining on Saigon River

Saigon nightlife dining cruise on Saigon river

Ho Chi Minh City’s night on a cruise is a romantic idea. The river’s gentle breeze caressing your skin while you relax among the amazingly beautiful views and scenery of Saigon nightlife. Comfort and luxury atmosphere, the boat can bring you far away from the metropolis’s bustle. It would be a pity for one with a romantic soul not to spend time dining on a cruise. Dining on a river cruise is a good choice for couples or families.

Suggested cruise for dining on Saigon river:

4. Immersing yourself in live music bars

Saigon nightlife live music bars

How about enjoying some live music while having a glass of beer or cocktails in the chilling atmosphere? In this never-sleeping-city, you can easily find a lot of places to party in style – from dancing in countless clubs to singing karaoke room your friends. Whether you are looking for relaxing background melody or a rip-roaring rock session, Vietnam’s largest city has a place for you. Of course, big hotels like Rex Hotel and Caravelle Hotel have live music entertainment, with rooftop bands every night of the week. But why not discover tons of choices for you outside?

Suggested bars for live music:

5. Bia Hoi and street food in Pham Ngu Lao Street


Another great way to explore Saigon nightlife is just simply going to the streets. Pham Ngu Lao Street is the backpacker hub of Saigon. Every night, a large number of foreigners as well as local people to chat the night away and drink draught beers (bia hoi) on the small plastic stools along the street. Besides, there also are a lot of restaurants and a few nightclubs here. The street owns unique vibe draws people from everywhere.


Not far from Pham Ngu Lao District, Crazy Buffalo Nightclub Saigon is the place to go if you’re looking to party all night long in Ho Chi Minh City. It stays open 24/7, attracting travellers who want to enjoy vibrant dance parties with die-hard partygoers in Ho Chi Minh City. The place can hardly be missed for its massive neon signage of a buffalo. After midnight, all drinks at Crazy Buffalo Nightclub Saigon are about 20% pricier so it’s a good idea to head there early for better deals.

6. Take a tour in shopping malls


A quick tour in shopping malls is rather a good idea to enjoy your evening here. Full with world-class local and international-brand fashion, interiors and lifestyle, the city is a true definition of a shopping paradise. You will find plenty of things to buy from jewellery, cosmetics and fragrance to children’s clothing and toys, from watches and luggage to homeware and dining outlets. Most of them have a mart within in which you can find some exotic snacks like dried jackfruit, coconut candy and some Vietnamese famous specialties. Vietnamese tea, coffee, dried seafood and even some souvenir are also available and can be a good gift to bring back home.

Not only a great place to shop, there are also plenty of dining outlets and family-friendly entertainment centres to full fill your time and tummy. Cinema, bowling, kid’s playroom and so on, there are tons of things you can do after shopping. This is easily one of the best places for you in Saigon at the evening. In addition, these shopping malls are conveniently located around five-star hotels and popular attractions that made it easily accessible by cyclo, taxi or on foot.

Some address for your shopping in Saigon:

7. Challenge your luck in a casino


One of the best ways of entertainment is to challenge your luck in a casino. But first of all, it should be mentioned that casino in Vietnam (roulette, blackjack, baccarat, poker) are all in ‘electronic’ version. Table games with real croupiers are strictly outlawed here. Another thing to note is that you can only gamble in US Dollars, so remember to bring some along. Minimum bets start at 5 cents for slots and $10 for blackjack.

It’s also essential to bring along your passport or other proof of your nationality. Here are some places you might consider to come:

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