Thanh Toan Tile Bridge

Thanh Toan tile bridge, Hue

Visit the charming Hue and explore Thanh Toan tile brigde – A fascinating work of art with an ancient house above one unique wooden bridge, a symbol of Hue architecture.

In Vietnam, you can find plenty of amazing, unique attractions and historic sites. Thus, a wooden bridge and an ancient wooden house above is something you don’t see everyday. Thanh Toan tile bridge is a rare and unique bridge not only in Hue, but also in Vietnam. It creates a symbol of an architectural monument with historical values as well as the culture of Vietnam, which attracts many visitors from all around the world and also Vietnamese people.

About 8km to the southeast from the city center of Thua Thien Hue, color the cradle of Vietnam royal architecture, Thanh Toan bridge has inherited all the elite beauty of Hue architecture. The Huong Thuy district nearby is a very peaceful countryside destination, leading to Thanh Toan bridge. This path is known as one of the most beautiful roads in Vietnam, as the two roadsides are green paddy fields, and trees laden with fruit. The local people are so friendly and casual, which creates the poetic beauty there.

Thanh Toan tile bridge was built in 1776 by the donation of the third wife’s niece of a large official under Le Hien Tong’s reign – Mrs. Nguyen Thi Dao. As she had no children, so she used her money to create happiness for the villagers by building this bridge. This is the “brainchild” that she left for the next generation. Being thankful of this gesture, in 1776 King Le Hien Tong gave her a praise identity and free to the villagers from more corvee. Since 1925, she has been worshiped by the villagers.

Thanh Toan tile bridge was built by the “upper part and lower remittances” style which means above house is above and the bridge is under. The wooden bridge with gently curved shape, 17-meter length, 4-meter width, is divided into 7 times. On both sides of the bridge, there are two rows of wood podium and railing to sit backrest. This type of old days tile was very precious in the old days, with glaze are manufactured from China which are only used in buildings for the king. With wonderful and delicate design, the bridge was classified as rare and the most valuable artistic types in Vietnam ancient Bridge and therefore granted by the Ministry of Culture as a national relic.

There are many activities you can do there. From exploring and resting inside the bridge, visiting the village as well as the ancient churches, sailing, making conical hats, wrapping Tet, experiencing the local lifestyle or enjoying the culinary here. Right next to the ancient tile bridge is a tiny market but there are clothes, fruits and even a culinary paradise with cheap prices. There are no specialties, but “bun thit nuong”, “bun mam nem”, “bun bo”, “banh canh”, “banh beo”, “nam”, “loc” are always available to make Thanh Toan also became a paradise for any food lover.

Thanh Toan tile bridge is a very unusual site which worths to explore as you could feel the historic and the beauty of Hue architecture.

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