Tháp Đôi “Twin Cham Towers”

Thap Doi Twin Cham Towers

Tháp Đôi “Twin Cham Towers”, Quy Nhon is located in the ancient village of Hung Thanh, Dong Da Ward now, 3 km northwest to city center. Near the Tower is the Twin Bridge “Cầu Đôi” on Highway 19th.

Twin Cham Towers as well as other Cham towers in Binh Dinh, is a cultural and artistic heritage have Old Cham people life style. Towers were formed since the eleventh century to the thirteenth century. Tower structure is quite unique, especially the techniques of stacking and connecting rocks together strongly.

Outside of the towers, every corner and on the top of the tower have many reliefs are carved with image of gods, birds and animals according to religious beliefs of the Cham people which is really alive. The two towers stand side by side as the couple always together. Tower was destroyed a lot during wars and but it still keep the beauty, the mystery of the spiritual life of the ancient Cham people.

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