Quang Trung Museum and Tay Son Place

Quang Trung Museum

From Quy Nhon city, take Highway 19th for approximately 45km, you will reach the Quang Trung Museum in Phu Phong town, homeland of three Tay Son brothers: Nguyen Nhac, Nguyen Hue and Nguyen Lu.

Was started construction in 1978 on an area of 95.000m², Quang Trung Museum have both ancient and modern architecture, Quang Trung museum is a cultural space including: museum area, temple, Emperor Quang Trung Monument, Tay Son music and martial arts, the cultural communal house of Highland ethnic groups …

Museum area including 9 galleries with different themes, keeping thousands of materials, artifacts throughout the development over time of the Tay Son revolution and Emperor Quang Trung (1771 – 1789). Nguyen Hue is a national hero who brought peace for the country and fought again invader. In 1788, he led his army from Phu Xuan (Hue) to the North in 35 days and defeated 29,000 of Qing army and liberated Thang Long (Hanoi now). Nguyen Hue (Quang Trung) was crowned an Emperor after that. Coming to Quang Trung Museum, visitors will hear the introduction about Quang Trung feat of arms and observe important artifacts.

After crossing the Canh Bridge, you will get Tay Son temple was built on a house where three hero brothers were born. Here, three Tay Son brothers were born, grew up and became the eminent leader of the Tay Son movement. This is also temple where the parents of three Tay Son brothers, Ho Phi Phuc and Nguyen Thi Dong are worshiped. Tay Son temple is small but very dignified.

One more thing that travelers can not miss when going to Quang Trung museum is enjoying Tay Son martial art and music with a set of 12 drums symbolize 12 animals. Every year on 5th January Lunar Calendar, people gather around the museum to commemorate the national hero Quang Trung (other name is Dong Da holiday).

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