Top flower villages that you should not miss when in Hanoi

West Lake flower valley

The flower villages of Hanoi are usually at its best in the fresh spring, brightly blooming even in less flattering climate. Famous places like the West Lake valley, Nhat Tan peach garden,.. have become the favorite place for photography for local families and friends. This is the place to get relaxed after a long discovering day, take photos, or get to know the diligent flower growers.

1. Nhat Tan Flower Garden – The most famous flower village in Hanoi

Nhat Tan Flower Garden
As new-year must-have preparation, my granddad often comes here to order a peach branch to decorate the house. So does every traditional household in Hanoi. Photo: Internet

Nhat Tan flower garden is the most renowned peach blossom village in Hanoi. Recently, this has been the go-to place for families and friends to take Tet photo. Pictures of people wearing ao dai and carrying lanterns or lucky money, red parallel bring such a joyful atmosphere of Tet.

Besides peach blossoms, other colorful flowers are also planted here like chrysanthemum, rose, butterflies and other rare plants. Also, Nhat Tan flower garden has several authentic floral backgrounds like flower gates, swings, bridges crossing the lake for photography lovers

  • Entrance fee: 30,000 to 50,000 VND depending on gardens.
  • Google maps: Nhat Tan flower village. The area is huge, so you can go around and choose one.

2. Tay Tuu flower village – The oldest flower village in Hanoi

Endless fields of flowers are the best background for your photo. Right next to the flower fields are a local flower market, where visitors can enjoy the peace of the countryside.

Tay Tuu flower village
Photo: Vuong Tuong

Located about 15 km northwest of Hanoi city center, Tay Tuu is the oldest flower village in Hanoi, most famous as the most extensive daisy garden of the capital. This is the regular flower supplier for Hanoi, particularly in the holiday season like Tet.

Venturing outside the city center for several kilometers, you may see a different picture: quieter, a lot of paddies that grow rice and vegetables. Reaching Tay Tuu village, you will see 2 sides of the road lying colorful daisy fields. Venturing further inside, you will see fields of Transvaal daisy, lily, dahlia, and roses such as red, white, yellow roses and aromatic roses, billions rose…

Flowers are sold mainly in local village markets or brought to wholesale markets in Quang Ba market. Flowers in Tay Tuu are generally quite cheap, a dozen flowers only cost a few cents.

  • Google maps: Tay Tuu flower village
  • Price: Usually free. You should buy a bunch of flowers and be gentle with flowers when taking pictures.

3. Me Linh flower village – alive at night

A place for rose lovers. Get here at night time and you will be amazed by the flower scene between hundreds of light bulbs.

Located about 30 km from the city center, Me Linh flower village has a spacious area of about 200 hectares. This large village grows all kinds such as daisies, red rose, white rose, dahlia, gladiolus, heather, carnation,… In recent years, the locals have been piloting numerous varieties of roses like French, Dutch, Chinese ones and exports worldwide also.

Walking amid flower fields, breathing in the aroma of fresh roses like that would definitely peace your mind.

On winter nights, traveling here will be such a pleasure. The flower village is lit up by hundreds of light bulbs. The warmth from these is the key to timely blooming as the Lunar New Year is getting closer.

  • Best time to visit: December to March (before Tet Holiday and festive spring)
  • Address: 23B National Road, Me Linh commune, Me Linh district (near Noi Bai airport).

4. Ngoc Ha flower village – The largest flower village in Hanoi

Nestled right in the center of Hanoi, Ngoc Ha flower village was once the supplier for flower connoisseurs in the Capital.

Ngoc Ha flower village
Photo: Le Thanh Photography

Located to the south of West Lake, Ngoc Ha village was previously developed from the royal garden of the Ly kings. It was named Ngoc Ha (Gem River) after the river flowing through. It was not until the French colonial period that Ngoc Ha became the most famous flower village in Hanoi.

At present, what makes this village so different from the other? At this village, the locals grow a variety of flowers, which will blossom all year round. You can visit this village anytime in Hanoi and still witness a lot of freshness in the field of Ngoc Ha village.

5. Nghi Tam flower village – the long-standing flower village

Nghi Tam flower village

Coming to Nghi Tam village, the biggest impression that came to my mind was: How can such a traditional village still exist in the middle of the fast-paced, ever-changing capital of Hanoi? Cultural researchers always praise Nghi Tam as an old village inside a modern city, the remained treasure of the ancient Thang Long – Hanoi.

Nghi Tam village has a long tradition of growing flower, starting as early as the twentieth century. Through the village has numerous flower varieties to offer, 3 signature products are famous region-wide. They are bonsai trees, ornamental fish farming, and camellia flowers. Connoisseurs in flower and tree surely will know about this village.

Another thing that you might not find anywhere else in Hanoi is the taste of bonsai tree growers in Nghi Tam village. They choose to tend their trees in front of their house, rather than growing them in the fields. Growing trees and flowers have become both their enjoyment and ways of earning their living.

6. West Lake flower valley

Occupying an area of thousands of square meters, the West Lake valley is home to hundreds of flowers and plants. This valley is a scenic destination for flower and photography lovers, really trendy among local it welcomes 200 – 300 local on weekdays and about a thousand on weekends. Therefore, if you don’t want to be squeezed between people, come here on weekdays.

West Lake flower valley
Photo: Nguyen Nev | Flickr
  • Google map: West Lake flower valley.
  • Best time visit: Summer
  • Price: Adult: 120,000 VND / person; Children / Students (SID card required): 80,000 VND / person

Above is our list for the best flower villages you can visit in Hanoi. Photograph lovers, flower lovers, culture explorers, pack your camera and let’s go – these villages will be a well-spent morning !!

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