Van Phuc Silk Village

Van Phuc Silk Village

Situated on the bank of Nhue River, about 10km southwest of Hanoi Old Quarter, Van Phuc silk village has long been famous for outstanding premium quality silk. With more than 1,200 years of history, Van Phuc is the oldest silk village in Vietnam.

Van Phuc silk is smooth, light weight and elegant. Especially, a traditional kind of silk called Van Silk make the ones wear it feel cool in summer and warm in winter. Nowadays, Van Phuc silk makers have adapted their repertoire to expanded market demand. They have invented new techniques in dying and thermal process of silk threads to produce glossy embroidered and glossy silks, double layers, wrinkled silks of all shades and hues.

Visitors are enchanted with the glisten of various silk products. They are always confronted with an initially bewildering array of silk products, from raw materials, to garments, and a myriad of silk accessories. Many families in Van Phuc open their own business at the entrance to the village; create a bustling silk street that sells numerous silk products. Let’s visit the village and find lovely souvenirs and clothes, or select your favorite silk fabric and get tailor-made clothing.

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