Best time to visit Vang Vieng

Nested in the middle of towering limestone karst mountains and luscious paddy fields in central Laos, Vang Vieng appears like a small town on the back of a dragon. Besides pristine natural beauty, Vang Vieng is actually an idyllic destination for relaxation with tons of swanky bars and restaurants and fashionable accommodations and resorts to fit every budget. All of it positions Vang Vieng as an eco-paradise and it’s definitely worth spending a few days in your itinerary in Laos. Having characteristics of tropical climate, Vang Vieng’s weather might be difficult for you to understand. In this article, we will provide you with weather information in Vang Vieng to make you easily choose the best time to visit Vang Vieng based on your preferences.

Vang Vieng Weather At A Glance

Vang Vieng Temperature

In Vang Vieng, the average temperature does not change in the months. Considering humidity, you can feel hot in all months of the year, and the rainfall is low.

If you want tour to Vang Vieng at the warmest time, the hottest period is from April to June, and the hottest month is May. The temperature in May is around 35.4°C in the daytime and can drop 24.4°C at night.

Precipitation (Rain or Snow)

The dry weather has the lowest chance of rain occurring from December to February. The month with the lowest chance of significant precipitation is February.

By contrast, If you are like the rains, the weather often rains in late July with four rainy days in a week on average.

When can you find snow here? The Weather stations have never noticed snow in Vang Vieng before.

Humidity and Wind

It has some humid months in Vang Vieng, with other normal humid months. March is the least humid month with a relative humidity of 53.6%, July is the most humid month with77.1% relative humidity.
In Vang Vieng, the wind is usually calm. The windiest month can be April as well as May and November. This months’ average wind speed is around 5.3 knots. It is “a light breeze.”

The seasons of the Vang Vieng

Spring in Vang Vieng

Spring is from March through May, and the weather is so comfortable. The combination of humidity and temperatures makes this season feel warm, with the highest temperature is 35.4°C. There are 2 – 11 rainy days in these months, so Spring is considered the lowest of tourism, which is a good time for looking at the bargain deals.

Summer in Vang Vieng

The Summer is from June through August. The weather of the middle-year months is quite hot with high temperatures and humidity. This time is the period with the most precipitation. It often has 12 – 16 rainy days in a month.

Fall in Vang Vieng

Fall is from September through November, and the weather is pretty cool. The temperature on these days is from 29.8 to 32.2. So you can feel very nice about the temperature and humidity at this time. There are 2 – 10 rainy days per month, so tourism is fairly slow due to the rainfall.

Winter in Vang Vieng

Winter is from December to February, and the weather is perfect for traveling. The temperature these days is from 26.2°C to 33.3°C, and it just has one rainy day in a month. So this period is considered the peak season.

The busiest and least crowded months

February is the busiest month for travel in Vang Vieng, followed by July and November. Prices for accommodation and transportation will be most expensive during these times, so you should purchase well in advance if you want to save and have good services.

In March, travelers are unlikely to visit Vang Vieng, but if you are willing to visit at this time, you will likely find it the least expensive month.

The best time to visit Vang Vieng

When is the best time to visit Vang Vieng? Here’s some short information to help your decision:

  • The warmest month is April, followed by February, March, May, and September;
  • The coldest month of the year is January;
  • July and August are the rainiest months;
  • The peak season is Winter, and the off offseason is summer.

The best time to visit Vang Vieng is in Winter (from October to February). In these times, the weather is not too hot, and the humidity can be manageable. The Nam Song river, small waterfalls, lakes will be full of water after the rainfall here, and you will see greenery everywhere during this season. It is an ideal time to hike, trek in the mountains, and find wildlife.

Suppose you don’t have time for traveling in Winter. Spring can be the second choice. During this season, the temperature is also very nice during the day.
But it also depends on your favorite activities. If you go to Vang Vieng for quiet, the summer season (off-season) is the best choice. If you are into outdoor activities, Winter is for you.

Packing tips: What should you bring along to Vang Vieng?

The weather in Vang Vieng is warm all year round. So it’s very easy for you to prepare and pack your luggage. Here are some notes when you come to Vang Vieng:

  • Document to bring: Passport, Visa, Return ticket, accommodation confirmation, travel insurance, photocopy, blood type card
  • Clothing:
    + For women: Cotton shirt, dresses, pair of shorts, legging, hiking shoes, rain jacket
    + For men: Short, T-shirt, long trousers, a pair of socks, underwear, shoes.
  • Other things: Hat, sunglasses, mosquito repellent, travel journal


Being gifted with natural beauty, Vang Vieng is a great destination for some soft adventure or cycling tours to escape from the rat race and contemplate nature. Depending on the season you visit, there will be different types of activities for you to enjoy in Vang Vien. So, we hope that the information mentioned above gives you enough knowledge to choose the best time to visit Vang Vieng based on your preferences.

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