What to eat in Vang Vieng

Vang Vieng’s cuisine owns a wide range of different style from Western food to Laotion traditional dish. Those craving a well-cooked Western meal should give a visit to Restaurant du Crabe d’Or or Viman Vang Vieng. Here Western and even Asian dishes are promptly served with elegant waiters within a fine space. Visitors can also indulge themselves in many other Western-style meals such as Italian, Mexican and French restaurants. But if mediocre burgers, pizzas, pasta or French-fries are no longer to your liking, then local restaurants severed Laotian dish like Chaleun or grilled meat vendors are perfect for your list. Vegetarian also can find Vang Vien as a fine place to search for non-meat options as Veggie Tables, Earth Recycled restaurant or local sandwich stands have the best vegetarian dishes in town.

Vang Vieng once famous for its reputation of drug and alcohol as backpackers from all around the world used to come here to sink themselves in drinking and taking drugs. However, a few years ago the local government decided to close down some of the bars and the toxic parties had come to an end. Today, visitors still come to Vang Vieng to meet their needs relaxation but the town has grown much calmer and quieter. Some highly-recommended bars in Vang Vieng will give you memorable moments are Kangaroo Sunset Restaurant and Bar where you can watch the magnificent sunset, Aussie Bar, Gary’s Irish Bar, or Sakura which welcome backpackers in search for lively parties and a perfect drink with open arms.

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